They ask human hair to combat oil spill in Thailand

Posted on April 24, 2014 – 06:56 pm

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 | 5:24 a.m.

Thai Several associations have launched a national initiative to collect human hair designed to make "vines" to fight the oil slick that arrived this week to the eastern coast of Thailand.

"Instead of arguing about who is to blame, you better go to the nearest hairdresser, hair cut and asked bring it to a collection point. Give way, " reads the message posted by thousands of users in social networks.

"So far we have about 200" lianas "those based on human hair and silk stockings. Components absorbing fat better than cotton and paper that authorities are using, " he told Efe Goi, responsible for a Community Center Bangkok has been established as a collection point for hair.

About 50, 000 gallons of oil spilled into the sea on Saturday in a failure already solved a marine pipeline owned by a subsidiary of PTT with state participation, according to the oil that Greenpeace and other environmental organizations put in doubt.

"Your hair can save Samet Island, " says the local TV ad PBS or Thammasat University, among other institutions.

The tropical beaches of white sand that had in July Samet's west coast, east of Bangkok, woke up this week covered by a layer of 30 cm thick black.

Hundreds of tourists were evacuated by authorities from the beach of Ao Phrao, which recorded the largest accumulation of contaminants including a spill of more than 300 meters wide by 20 long.


At least 350 members of the Thai Navy have been deployed in the area cleaning missions, while 10 boats working to prevent the spill reaches the rest of the coast of Rayong province.

"It could be months before the situation returns to normal, " claimed responsibility for the bus service that makes the trip from Bangkok to the ferry opposite this island, shelter every weekend thousands of people looking to escape the chaos of the Thai capital.

Tour operators and owners of hotels and lodges can counteract as sharply declining tourism, the main source of income of Samet.

"Many people think that the whole island has been hit by the black spot, but it is not.'s East coast stays clean, " says the owner of a resort in the daily "Bangkok Post".

Besides the spill, many people travel to the region discarded the moment by the strong smell that has permeated dumping on the island and the large amounts of chemical used for cleaning.

The Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, said from Tanzania, where he is on official visit to several African countries, the petrochemical company shall bear all costs incurred by the environmental disaster, initially valued at 100 million baht ( 3.2 million dollars or 2.5 million euros).

Vertido de crudo alcanza las costas del este de Tailandia


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