Posted on February 11, 2014 – 06:58 am
The GUIDE LEK left me in MBK shopping after visiting the temples that was part of the program ...

After lunch and a stroll through the shops - I decided to try a

transport from Bangkok, who caught the same premises

shopping ... BTS SKYTRAIN.

Bangkok has two excellent metro networks:

) que se complementam entre si. and air ( BTS Skytrain ) that complement each other.

Are modern, efficient, and cheap,

certainly the most convenient way to travel

within the city.

We can see in this picture below

a plate where it is seen that there is interconnection

with the underground MRT Metro METRO

Source: orientevsocidente.blogspot.com

A few other suggestions

2007-11-28 09:50:24 by Mescalito

You can cover a fair amount of ground in 3-4 days, but trying to do justice to temple visits in a day is impossible. One person has already suggested Wat Arun, and I agree. You might also want to visit Wat Po and get a real Thai massage there. Wat Po's massage school is pretty much the Johns Hopkins University of Thai massage, and the best practictioners were usually trained there. If you've nev...r. I've done it with a couple of my Thai friends and it's a great experience. Someone at your hotel may be able to help you make reservations (required).
Yes, Bangkok is a crowded, chaotic, and sometimes not-too-clean city, but I love it. Wandering around Sukhumvit Road in the evening will often remind you of one of those night-time street scenes in Blade Runner. Hvae a great time!

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