Costumes, rituals and cultural traits ...

Posted on February 28, 2014 – 09:31 am
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Customs, rituals and cultural traits ...

By Andrea Debbané Grazziella
Alo, alo fellow travelers, here's another edition of my diary Around the World 2008 ... But before the question that begs naoh: Joseh and now? Guys, naoh have the habit of being afraid of things, just a plain little in either situation ... but first we were a few bombs on Tripoli in Lebanon: OK, normal, 35 years of war, once in when the situation deteriorates ... After 16 bombs in Ahmedabad on Saturday, the only city of tens of thousands in India, which marked passage to visit (buy), after arriving in Delhi ... and today, in the cafe manhah, CNN aa whole with both explosions in Istanbul yesterday ... And now? What madness: my next three stops are going to purchase the air! ... (...) Honestly, naoh know what to do? I guess mommy and daddy, who are somewhere
As I eh poso make a business trip like this? How eh I'll do my superbazar with little things around the world, if all my script compas estah under rubble and blood? Naoh know, naoh ...

Anyway, I'm going now to Delhi on Wednesday, the 30th, lah and see if anything has improved in Ahmedabad ... If you actually hover over explosions, naoh will give naoh ... The city naoh eh so big like that, and naoh ha no place for such violence to be achieved on either street market ...

Let the diaries because everything eh peace here in Bangkok ...

I'm starting to adapt to the zone: two sleep three hours between midnight and three in the morning, I wake, I see two movies - the options of devedeteca hotel lah naoh are very updated, but eh always good to see another American hit .. . then go back to sleep lah by five, six in the morning and finally remade according to another day of work, aas nine: which for me, eh still dawn ... The novelty now eh, got a brand new habit: lunch cafe in the morning ... Never been eating nothing upon waking: a maximum a aguinha coconut juice with fresh cenora macah and ginger, lah by two in the afternoon ... Now, eh: apimentadissimo curry with coconut, jasmine rice made ​​steamed, dumplings, more pepper paste ... besides adding, pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, jam, fruit salad, juices: the best of both sides of the world, jah that this hotel is more like the UN headquarters: French families, Slavs, Germans fifty years, always accompanied girls by a maximum of twenty tai!; Muslims in Singapore, India, formed by young couples intermingled European and Asiatic - these legitimized with the children pulled little eyes and auburn hair slightly ... , Thai executives from the interior, Japanese girls on holiday for a week, either Italian couple gay; Malaysian Chinese: a melting pot!

Yesterday, after spending some nine hours buying wonders in a market on the outskirts of town, I decided to go into one of these massage parlors scattered throughout Bangkok. Soh down the street from the hotel, on the same block, has about six! The Thai massage parlors station in numbers proportional aas our pharmacies, newsstands: every corner has one. And the coolest or busy hotel, the higher the concentration!


Go to Thailand, book your tours there

2003-09-03 12:35:57 by Live_Aloha

I wouldn't sign up for a 29-day tour that I had doubts about. As for Thailand, your most expensive cost is the plane ride there. Fly to Bangkok and get a room, either a cheap decent place or for a little bit more you can stay at a first class hotel. There are plenty of tours offered by Thai companies. Take a day-tour and if you like the company/guide, you can book another. This gives you the abi... at the moment and lets you make changes based on information from other travellers or locals. Much of the fun in Thailand is just being there, shopping, eating street food, doing what you feel like at the moment. Most of the tourist sights are readily accesable, no need for a tour. However, a good local tour guide, someone who understands and can communicate the local culture, is very valuable.

Thailand and siem reap, cambodia

2006-01-06 12:59:51 by theologoumenon

In thailand I would reccomend doing volunteer work with HI PHi Phi on the island of koh phi phi. It is tsunami releif work and it doesn't require any long term commitment, so you can stay as long or as short as you want.
I also reccomend taking a trek from chiang mai into the mountains to visit a hill tribe village. A lot of these trekking companies go to the same villages, or take large ...mething that seems to happen often. Also, splitting the cab is safer as there are unofficial check points along the way (places collecting bribes) and you dont want an empty seat for someone to climb in and demand money from you. Our cab driver had to make several "toll" stops along the way, but our cab was full, so no univited guests were tempted.
You will have a great time- best wishes.

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