Bangkok - The city and its contrasts

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Bangkok-river-river The Thai capital is truly a unique city. Strolling through it is possible to find skyscrapers and modern buildings and on the other hand, dark streets and houses crammed with clothes drying the edge of the street. However, its greatest beauty in the temples are centenarians and several Buddhist monuments that can be found throughout the city.DCIM101GOPRO

After more than 20 hours of flight we arrived in Bangkok. And could not have a better reception to arriving in the country! The Suvarnabhumi International Airport is a work of art.Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport-de- It blends modern architecture with traditional images of Buddhist culture.

Not for nothing was he the most photographed place in 2012, according to the survey Instangran . It opened in 2006 and today is the 17th busiest airport in the world.Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport-the-king It is considered one of the most important figures in Asia losing passengers / day just to Tokio. It is possible to find thumbnails of the most famous temples as well as the guardian statues at the Grand Palace.

Even before embarking check if your hotel offers shuttle service from the airport. Our offered but charged a 1500baht (the equivalent of about U.S. $ 107). The Airport was away, but this rate was abusive. We opted to take taxis roses outside floor boarding.

Caution! Taxi is reputed to reels everywhere in the world, but in Thailand they are too. Most do not want to use the meter, and claim they know the address and then you realize you're in a completely different place than it needed to be.

Before entering the taxi demand that he turn on the meter and make sure he knows the hotel address, noted he is already winding turn around and pretend that it will return to the Airport. The cabbies there literally fight each other for passengers. Most enough getting your bags when you barely finished crossing the street to ensure the race.

At all times we left and returned to the airport in the taxi was charged 50bath to "park" at Suvarnabhumi. Still do not know if this rate "exists" or is another scam (many are in Bangkok), but ended up having to pay.

With the meter, the race starts at 35baht (£ 2.50) and you have to pay two tolls to enter the center of Bangkok: one of 25 and one of 45baht. A fair race Airport to Kao San Road, for example, are around 300bath more tolls (the first taxi we took was at 700baht! A theft only realized later).

Striking point of Bangkok are the various tributes to King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and the royal family is treated with great respect for all citizens. Although the king has already its 85 years are common photos of her when she was young were found at various intersections on the streets of Bangkok in sumptuous portals with dragons and symbols of wisdom and strength, plus much gold.

And talking in the streets, impossible not to notice the chaotic city traffic. Virtually no traffic signals and those that exist are not like the Brazilians who stop traffic for pedestrian passage. Buses, cars and trucks with buckets crowded with people share space with the many tuk-tuks.

At intersections that passes is smarter. Return? I think there is that in Thai streets. If you are on one side of the street and a taxi or tuk-tuk goes in the opposite direction, he turns the vehicle right there in the middle of two lanes to go get you.

Bangkok-monuments-king Bangkok-transit-streets bangkok, tuktuk Bangkok-Temples


I enjoyed Laos alot

2005-03-04 10:48:03 by wat2dowat2do

I went in 2001. Bought a "package" from a Bangkok travel agent that included visa for crossing Thai Laos border up at Chang Rai, a boat trip down the Mekong for a few days, overnight accomodation at a french owned riverbank hotel, meals and dropped us off at Luang Prabang. The travel agent also included air tickets from Luang Prabang back to BKK. Not really an organised package tour, so to speak... wonderful experience, but I would warn against hiking or travelling in the back country or in a small group. Read warnings about land crossings. Stick with an organised tour in a mainstream area.
If you're in the region anyways, tack on a few days in Siam Reap in Cambodia. You can fly in and out of BKK. It was as memorable as Laos for different reasons. (architechure vs the people)

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