Return to Bangkok, Reunion with old friends and a long-awaited visit

Posted on August 4, 2013 – 10:44

A Isabel for 15 years of friendship and Diana for cheering the trip with a visit

On July 25 I woke up early for breakfast before catching the free bus Airasia to take me to the airport in Mandalay at 12:45 where would my plane to Thailand.

I arrived in Bangkok at about two in the afternoon and headed to the metro stop where you left Shukumvit with my friend Nate to stay in one of their apartments. This time the place was great, a study all to myself in the city center, a pool, gym and a minute walk from the metro skyline and perfect for the days you were in Bangkok. But the best was yet to come.


It turns out that in that same time my good friend Isabel was on holiday with colleagues in Thailand and had square dates to match in Bangkok. She lives in London and see her again after almost two years was something very special. On Friday 26 were at noon in the center and went to eat a curry at a restaurant near Kaosan Rd As always with Isa, the reunion was like no time had passed and, after eating we were she and I alone having coffee and catching up on our latest adventures and misadventures.

As one would expect afternoon flew by dinner time and went back to meet friends for a few beers, dinner and fix the world. Reunion was a very, very special, Thanks Isa!

But still there was more.

The day after landing in Bangkok my friend Diana's greatness had come to me to visit in the only eight days of vacation I had available. Those details are not forgotten! Furthermore, the poor had to go through the family filter and go to my parents house to pick up a package with some things I needed including several kilos of pork ham. The poor was more burdened than Alfredo Landa emigrant in Berlin.

I was with Diana in the metro stop near the apartment and, after several failed attempts, I finally agree on an exit. The meeting was of the most heartfelt I remember and why the poor Diana could not be standing after 24 hours of travel. After the first kisses, hugs and reprimands for being very thin and we started we had no time to lose if we wanted to leave that day to Koh Pangan.

First we went to breakfast, change money and most importantly BUY BREAD!. Then we took our things and we approach Kaosan Rd To buy tickets bus and ferry. By then Diana was already half was dwindling dangerously person because of the hours he had been awake and he was getting tute. However he managed to recover a bit when we sat down to eat and rest until we came to pick up the minivan to take us to the bus stop long haul.

And it was here that happened the wonderful event that marked a before and after in my journey. While waiting to board sitting at our bus decided I could not take it anymore and I opened my bag to pull out the white plastic bag containing the wonderful and coveted mana. My mouth was swimming in saliva and my pupils dilated by the appearance between the plastic vacuum package containing the pork loin. Diana quickly asked me over the bread we bought and the knife, without noticing, we had been on loan at the restaurant where we had eaten. With the eagerness of a child on the night of kings impetuously tore the plastic back pack and prepared my first Spanish sausage sandwich, as you can imagine, I knew a holy glory.


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Things should be fine at your old school

2005-02-27 05:14:59 by FuckRegistration

The problem areas are in the three southernmost provences but the insurgents have said they will move to tourist areas. They haven't yet but it's just a short bus or train ride away.
A couple of attacks on groups of farang in Bangkok, Phuket or other tourist area and the Thai's will lose billions. They don't seem to see it as possible. If it happens, look for a very bloody response from the government.
My family and some friends who keep up with events have wanted me to leave for some time. I want to try to wrap things up and try to stick it out for another 6 monts or so. Then I'll do a tour of all the surrounding countries and come back to beautiful SF.
The more I travel, the more I appreciate America and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular.

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