PATA connects Digital Innovation Asia in its annual summit

Posted on March 4, 2013 – 00:00

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Digital Innovation Asia 300x285 photo The association of travel in the Asia-Pacific region (PATA) has partnered with E-Tourism Asia to organize events with digital Digital Innovation Asia Awards.

Located next to the events Digital Innovation Asia are deliberately planned to bring the PATA Summit Friday, April 26, 2013, attracting about 400 of the best tour operators and tourism executives. The partnership with E-Tourism Asia includes other digital events like Blogger Match-Up Asia, the Speak-Up Asia, and China Boot Camp.

Marking the start of Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) on April 23, the China Boot Camp helps companies understand how to reach and communicate well with Chinese consumers. China is the fastest growing market for source to many destinations in Asia and around the world, and complex social media and the digital landscape as the most influential medium in modern China, learn to adapt to the market this new group of tourists is vital for any travel and tourism organization today.

Followed by the first Asia Blogger Match-Up April 24, organized by the Hotel Aloft Bangkok, where speed-dating sessions connect bloggers from the region and around the world travel and tourism professionals in Asia . A session of the best Twitter account in Thailand (@ mrscotteddy) with over 130, 000 followers in just three years, will give an overview of how even the smallest travel company with a small budget can be effective and engaging on Twitter and other social media platforms.

In the evening, the first Digital Innovation Asia Awards (Awards DIA) will reward the best innovations in the digital travel and tourism in the region. Hosted by Bed Supperclub in Bangkok, one of the most innovative nightlife in Asia, the prizes will be awarded in the following categories: "the Web site more engaging, " "Best Viral Campaign, " "most creative use of technology ", " Content most inspiring "and" most innovative "Digital Organization.

DIA prices are judged by the new board DIA, an invitation-only forum of the highest e-commerce and digital marketing executives, leaders of airlines, hotels, tourist offices, cruise lines, the tour operators and travel media from all over the Asia-Pacific region.

On April 25, the first Speak-Up Asia, organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, will be launched at the uber-trendy Zuma restaurant at the St. Regis Bangkok Hotel and hosted by the famous blogger, host of Thai-TV and co founder of travel Smiling Albino, Daniel Fraser.


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Things should be fine at your old school

2005-02-27 05:14:59 by FuckRegistration

The problem areas are in the three southernmost provences but the insurgents have said they will move to tourist areas. They haven't yet but it's just a short bus or train ride away.
A couple of attacks on groups of farang in Bangkok, Phuket or other tourist area and the Thai's will lose billions. They don't seem to see it as possible. If it happens, look for a very bloody response from the government.
My family and some friends who keep up with events have wanted me to leave for some time. I want to try to wrap things up and try to stick it out for another 6 monts or so. Then I'll do a tour of all the surrounding countries and come back to beautiful SF.
The more I travel, the more I appreciate America and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular.

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