Teman's of Jogja: Bangkok 'paradoxes!

Posted on June 11, 2014 – 12:41 am

Surprises Christmas in Bali were in fact the prologue of the great trip earlier this year, a month and dust in Thailand, to finish with a week in North Sumatra, the idea being to travel the possible to stop, with accommodation makes camping or couchsurfing, hospitality website on line!

So I landed in Bangkok on December 28 evening, without really knowing where to go or sleep, which I Decided to go to a meeting Couchsurfing, large meeting of travelers from various backgrounds, some of which live in Bangkok, where interest! By chance, I met Toom, a Thai doctor honoris causa in welcoming the stranger, who turned his home into Spanish inn for a good cause ... Room for a French student, soon joined by a second? Always! In the end, I got a bed for over a week, waiting for a friend to go gallivanting in the hills of Thai country ... which was not too much to see the paradoxes of Bangkok, and incidentally to bosser college and Sciences Po!

On my first night in Bangkok, leaving the airport bag back, I had the impression that become little girl, discovering Paris ... this time lost in the Thai capital, the metro amazed by all these skyscrapers glittering, these chic and trendy Thai dressed short, much shorter than in Indonesia first memorable encounter with this sprawling city of 7.7 million people, where opposites attract: Palace vs giant towers, traditional markets vs. huge shopping malls, Buddhist monks and young Thai ladyboys vs horniest!

The Giant Buddha of Wat Pho Embroidery Burma Spirit in his garden

Compared to Indonesia, Bangkok seemed much more westernized, like Jakarta, but a version much more pleasant! Rather than stopping at Khao San, ghetto "backpackers" which echoes the tourist traps of Bali, it is necessary to discover Bangkok from its periphery, much less visited and socially more interesting to the historic center, where focus historical monuments, beautiful.

Travel guides formatted, a consequence of large-scale tourism ...

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Things should be fine at your old school

2005-02-27 05:14:59 by FuckRegistration

The problem areas are in the three southernmost provences but the insurgents have said they will move to tourist areas. They haven't yet but it's just a short bus or train ride away.
A couple of attacks on groups of farang in Bangkok, Phuket or other tourist area and the Thai's will lose billions. They don't seem to see it as possible. If it happens, look for a very bloody response from the government.
My family and some friends who keep up with events have wanted me to leave for some time. I want to try to wrap things up and try to stick it out for another 6 monts or so. Then I'll do a tour of all the surrounding countries and come back to beautiful SF.
The more I travel, the more I appreciate America and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular.

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