Our round-the-world with Zip World

Posted on April 10, 2014 – 05:22 pm

Our round-the-world with Zip World


Here is one of the first steps in planning your trip. Which formalizes the one that made us say, "Well, duh, that is, we have the tickets, " which launches the dynamics ...

At a meeting of travelers ABM, we could obtain valuable information on the "Notes around the world." Listening to the travelers in the room, some specialized companies already emerged lot: Travel Nation (UK), connoisseurs of travel (FR) Zipworld (FR).

Ten networks / societies exist as the world Bridge, Roundtheworldflights, Oneworld, Travelbag, Travelmood, Connection.be, Travel_overland.de, Star Alliance ...

Many of these companies are English. It is true that the English seem to have a culture of short voyages a little more grounded than the French, it also appears that many flights from London offer much more competitive than other European capitals starting rates.

After researching little more, we chose to send our quote to three companies adoubées by travelers. Our selection criteria: price, customized course dates and flexibility while traveling. We set our budget based on trade with travelers.

Quickly, in our case, Julien Zipworld was able to propose that the best of our criteria approached. Some concessions to still stay in our budget we had to skip the connection Madras (India) - / Reunion and Mexico - Belem (Brazil North). We will also complete the Global Note by two low-cost Jakarta - Ho Chi Min to Bangkok - Calcutta (approximately $ 80 per flight / pers.). This supplement for low-cost approach was recommended to us by Zipworld.

The Geeks were able to travel quickly we propose a path that clung perfectly to our scenario ... but at a price twice our budget. Travel Nation when it failed to reactivity at the request of the quote and we have ultimately proposed an equivalent to Zipworld route amputated Easter Island and more than 4000 € / pers.

Finally, at 3600 € / pers., Our ticket tower completed low-cost World destinations include the following (note that we have the ability to change, without charge, the dates of each of the flights, we in taking at least 48 hours in advance):

  • Vol 1: Departure from Paris to Havana
  • Flight # 2: Havana to Cancun
  • Vol 3: Mexico City to Rio de Janeiro
  • Vol 4: Lima to Easter Island
  • Vol 5: Easter Island to Papeete.
  • Vol 6: Papeete to Auckland
  • Vol 7: Auckland to Sydney
  • Vol 8: Sydney to Denpasar Bali
  • Vol 9: Jakarta to Ho Chi Min City
  • Vol 10: Bangkok to Kolkata
  • Flight 11: Madras / Chennai to Paris

Source: www.voyage-de-toutes-beautes.fr

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Bomb blasts damage fragile Indonesian economy

2002-10-14 10:53:00 by bali

Southeast Asian markets tumbled Monday as investors across the region reacted to the Bali bombings that killed more than 180 and sparked fears of new terrorism.
In Jakarta, stocks tumbled more than 9 percent, and markets sank in Bangkok, Manila and Kuala Lumpur on investor fears of "Bali Effect" copycat attacks.
The Indonesian rupiah plummeted against the dollar.
Some invest...iser canceled all its charter trips to Bali until Christmas.
Meanwhile, organizers of an upcoming energy conference, the Seventh Annual Condensate Forum, shifted their meeting from Bali to Singapore because of security concerns.
More than 5 million foreigners visited Indonesia in 2001 -- about 1.5 million to Bali alone -- accounting for about $5 billion in foreign exchange earnings

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