A tiny tour Thailand

Posted on October 20, 2011 – 00:00

A tiny tour Thailand

Ferries, houses, palm trees, swimming pools and parks, all look lovely in this miniaturized adventure through Thailand. Again, the German filmmaker Joerg Daiber delights us with a captured video, this time, the Thai cities of Bangkok, Phuket, Tonsai and Railay.
(For those who have not checked out the other artist's work posted here at Crazy few weeks ago, it's worth a look: Crete miniature )

Toy Thailand

Toy Thailand from joerg Daiber on Vimeo .

Source: www.loucoporviagens.com.br

Culinary Travels Bustling Bangkok Thailand
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Bomb blasts damage fragile Indonesian economy

2002-10-14 10:53:00 by bali

Southeast Asian markets tumbled Monday as investors across the region reacted to the Bali bombings that killed more than 180 and sparked fears of new terrorism.
In Jakarta, stocks tumbled more than 9 percent, and markets sank in Bangkok, Manila and Kuala Lumpur on investor fears of "Bali Effect" copycat attacks.
The Indonesian rupiah plummeted against the dollar.
Some invest...iser canceled all its charter trips to Bali until Christmas.
Meanwhile, organizers of an upcoming energy conference, the Seventh Annual Condensate Forum, shifted their meeting from Bali to Singapore because of security concerns.
More than 5 million foreigners visited Indonesia in 2001 -- about 1.5 million to Bali alone -- accounting for about $5 billion in foreign exchange earnings

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