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Posted on May 22, 2012 – 00:00

Usually on this blog talking about travel, culture, food and wine events but do not write about personal opinions. It is not a reflection of short blog.

Today, however, a reflection we would like to do. We put our face as they say.

We talk about blog tour and travel blogger.

It is about who deserves to take part to bloggers tour and who is or is not a true blogger and most importantly a true travel blogger.

I, Elisa, I started this blog in January 2011 and have not touched it for a year. Vicissitudes. Gestation. I do not know. Then all of a sudden in early 2012 I started to write very seriously and try as much as possible (in) form me. In all this, I also involved my husband who now takes care of the multimedial. I sought contact with other bloggers. I tried to understand a world, that of social media, which does not belong to me. I craft I deal with vocational training, to teach communication and guidance to adolescents on the margins of society. But the fever blog in four months is increasingly grown on me. Every day I spend most of my free time to write about travel and social media to promote your blog.

I feel that I still have much to learn for sure.

Do not travel on what are ferrata. Since 1998, the year in which I set foot for the first time outside of Italy, I have not stopped since. I am now 14 years old who go up and down the world, I have visited at least one of each continent was traveling sometimes alone, sometimes in a couple others in the group.

I still learn so much from the point of view of social media. Wordpress use only the basic functions, my blog has no strategy SEO and is still on a platform of the third level.

My writing is a writing of "belly" and may like or not.

But I have the enthusiasm that is. I spend my evenings to look for the logo more right with my husband or put together the last video blog tour.

I have so much to learn and now I have a dream, attend Sqcuola blog of Parma which I filled out the registration form today.

But where we started? From the professionalism of a travel blogger. Here this is interesting. The travel bloggers in my opinion is not a journalist and should not mock it. The travel blogger, first of all, in my opinion, it must be a traveler. Not a tourist, a traveler in fact. Must be willing to learn and share. This we can call professionalism? or Passion for what you do? The passion takes you to participate in a blog tour is not overcharged for the money but because it is an opportunity to learn about a place from the point of view of those who live there. And these are people, those that I have encountered in my blog tour, who wanted to introduce me to the places you love and love you just saw in their eyes. Of course sometimes exaggerated and made me run too, arriving in the evening exhausted but I think they have done for me the desire to know as much as possible.


Culinary Travels Bustling Bangkok Thailand
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Fun etc

2006-01-27 22:53:36 by Emma2323

From there a hop on hop uff bus tour is the cheapest way to get around. We went with Happy Tours and did HCMC-Dalat-Nha Trang-Hoi An-Hue-Hanoi all for US$16! I thought we were going to die on the drive to Dalat, turing corners at night with no headlights but don't let that deter you.
Dalat was our fave place in Vietnam. We visited a monk who paints 100 paintings a day and wants to travel t... Burma, back to Thailand that way.
You could do a full circle Bangkok-Bangkok via in this order Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Burma.
I am jealous of your opportunity.
If you got a multiple entry visa for China you could also Check out South and North Korea, Mongolia, the Stans, and Russia.


2007-07-04 11:26:32 by lsk2107

I've been to a few of the places you're considering. Ecuador is amazing. Quito is great. There's a market in the biggest park (I forget the name, but it's easy to find) in the center of the city on Sundays. I also suggest a trip to Otovalo, which is a several-hour bus ride away. There's an amazing native market on the weekends. It's bigger than anything you can imagine. I didn't get to go to the... night bus there, and a train back. The night bus isn't too bad, and if you don't mind taking up a whole day with travel (it took us 14 hours), the train offers a beautiful way to see the countryside. As a side note, don't go to Pat Pong in Bangkok. It's the red-light district, and we went thinking it would be funny, but it's just sad and a little frightning.
Anyway, I'm jealous. Have fun.

Only book

2007-06-05 11:27:25 by similandiver

The first couple of nights, like the above poster said. After that, word of mouth and afew digs at Lonely Planet's thorn tree will fill in the rest.
I live in Khao Lak (north of phuket) so I can tell you that October is a perfect time to travel over almost the whole country.
The West Coast is just coming out of rainy season and the Gulf is just about to enter rainy season. So you c...Equator and it is hot. I would also take a tuk tuk ride (you'll probably get taken for a ride price wise the first time, but it's still fun) the canal tours are pretty cool as well.
finally if you've never seen third world markets...the weekend market is the BOMB...get all your souvenirs and stuff there.
for some BSP....
for insight, weather and diving gossip into our area...

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