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Passport to crime

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Welcome to Bangkok on board for the capital of Thailand, with Sarah Lelouch. The trip takes 90 minutes. Fasten your seatbelts, it may be serious turbulence. Discover the world through various facts, that the promise of this new documentary series produced by the agency Capa and broadcast on 13th Street . The title alone is all: Passport to the crime .

The program "shows the hidden vacation spots yet we thought idyllic. Through the various facts and the crime is an entire society, its people, its rhythm, its manners, its customs and traditions that we try to see through. "Here's how the chain has this program. So the first episode takes us into the heart of the Venice of Asia, despite his title of champion of world tourism, also fared well in the standings of the most violent cities in the world, according to the production. During one thirty, Sarah Lelouch will serve as a guide (the pros call this new TV job to the passer) in the bowels of Bangkok, with two local journalists: TOA is diversier the Daily News (the second daily countries) and Noppadon, reporter for Channel 3 (The largest private chain).

The concept is attractive, the idea is good, from the meeting of a company through its criminal cases may indeed reveal a lot about a country. Yes but now, after ten minutes away, the viewer would tend to be a little bored. Blame it on an achievement without rhythm, served by a comment in oscillating between the sensational and preachy. Some examples ... "Two journalists will use guides, two used to hunt fox news story, " "during my stay, I will interest me to the various facts, bloody pages, but also dogs crushed"; " the land of smiles has easy trigger "" and voila, another interview that interferes with an investigation, that a suspect in handcuffs. "

Rather than crushed dogs, we should talk about cows crushed (yes, it was easy) ... The first "case" that follows Sarah Lelouch with his television reporter is ... a cow fell from a truck that took him to slaughterhouse. Injured, the animal will be recovered by a farmer and will survive. As for promises to delve into the depths of the city, arrests of drug dealers and other gang wars, it remains unsatisfied. Two bands of students arrested in a bus, a small drug dealer but tested positive drugs on him, that's what this is made true-false passport to the crime ...

Attention, is not black either, and some sequences are worth sitting on his couch without zapper. A meeting with John Burdett, the excellent mystery writer living in Bangkok and our accompanying setter in the red light district, one with a pathologist to look rock star and that the matter of 2000 fetuses found in temple Buddhist example. Or rather the original reporter preparing lunch for a whole brigade of customs and the discovery of a police monks, going in search of fake monks on a market picture.


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Fun etc

2006-01-27 22:53:36 by Emma2323

From there a hop on hop uff bus tour is the cheapest way to get around. We went with Happy Tours and did HCMC-Dalat-Nha Trang-Hoi An-Hue-Hanoi all for US$16! I thought we were going to die on the drive to Dalat, turing corners at night with no headlights but don't let that deter you.
Dalat was our fave place in Vietnam. We visited a monk who paints 100 paintings a day and wants to travel t... Burma, back to Thailand that way.
You could do a full circle Bangkok-Bangkok via in this order Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Burma.
I am jealous of your opportunity.
If you got a multiple entry visa for China you could also Check out South and North Korea, Mongolia, the Stans, and Russia.


2007-07-04 11:26:32 by lsk2107

I've been to a few of the places you're considering. Ecuador is amazing. Quito is great. There's a market in the biggest park (I forget the name, but it's easy to find) in the center of the city on Sundays. I also suggest a trip to Otovalo, which is a several-hour bus ride away. There's an amazing native market on the weekends. It's bigger than anything you can imagine. I didn't get to go to the... night bus there, and a train back. The night bus isn't too bad, and if you don't mind taking up a whole day with travel (it took us 14 hours), the train offers a beautiful way to see the countryside. As a side note, don't go to Pat Pong in Bangkok. It's the red-light district, and we went thinking it would be funny, but it's just sad and a little frightning.
Anyway, I'm jealous. Have fun.

Only book

2007-06-05 11:27:25 by similandiver

The first couple of nights, like the above poster said. After that, word of mouth and afew digs at Lonely Planet's thorn tree will fill in the rest.
I live in Khao Lak (north of phuket) so I can tell you that October is a perfect time to travel over almost the whole country.
The West Coast is just coming out of rainy season and the Gulf is just about to enter rainy season. So you c...Equator and it is hot. I would also take a tuk tuk ride (you'll probably get taken for a ride price wise the first time, but it's still fun) the canal tours are pretty cool as well.
finally if you've never seen third world markets...the weekend market is the BOMB...get all your souvenirs and stuff there.
for some BSP....
for insight, weather and diving gossip into our area...

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