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Posted on May 5, 2014 – 07:32 pm
Rising Dental Tourism in Bangkok | Low Cost Dental Treatment in

Each year there are over 200 million people around the world rushed to Thailand to take over the heart, plastic surgery, dental surgery and other medical work, this year on the Thai "suck money" Crossing 120 billion baht - Thailand into a medical tourism "leader"

Bumrungrad in Bangkok, a hip replacement surgery even need 570, 000 baht (total of about 18, 500 dollars), the price is only about half of the United States similar surgery. For many Americans, stopping once to Thailand hip replacement surgery, visit the tourist sidelines some have been regarded as a reasonable choice.

At the moment, there are over 200 million people annually rushed Thailand, over the heart, plastic surgery, dental surgery and other medical work, on the way enjoy the local sights and wind indigenous soil even love. Medical tourism has become a feature of tourism in Thailand, with an estimated revenue this year will exceed 120 billion baht, and the double-digit annual increases in recent link.

Medical Tourism in Thailand has become the world's "leader." The past 10 years, Thailand Bureau and the Ministry of Health jointly visit, trying to Thailand as the "World Medical Tourism offices core." In addition to the number of visitors and spending increased significantly, Thai medical standards and act varieties sharply cut, appeared out of several world-class medical institutions.

Medical tourism to provide new roads to

In 2008, after London and New York, which villages, absorbing over 10 million domestic tourists, becoming the world's third largest tourist village? World authoritative international research firm Euromonitor gives the answer: Bangkok, Thailand. Halo behind, medical tourism did not work.

With rich countries rising medical costs and increasing capital adequacy, many people choose medical tour, as have both the leisure and tourism heal physically. Small dental treatment, large bone joint surgery, can be completed in an exotic foreign land. This gave birth to the past 10 years, the rapid growth of medical tourism worldwide. According to the U.S. market research agency RNCOS statistics, in 2000 total output value of the global medical tourism lacks 10 billion dollars by the year 2005 has crossed 20 billion dollars.

From a market share perspective, Asia is the world's medical tourism in recent years. In 2010, about 90% of the medical tourists to Thailand, Singapore, India and selected as a destination, Thailand and Singapore, among the most welcome. But transportation, accommodation and medical costs, the Singapore are much higher than Thailand. Medical Tourism in Thailand to become so big demand.

Floods hit Thailand last year, still take 19 million annual visitors from around the world, compared with 2010 increased by 20%. The west about 2.2 million medical tourists, there are 50 million people come specifically directed at medical offices. Driven by increased tourism spending in recent years, Thailand medical tourism to an average annual increase rate of 16%. Currently, the Thai tourism spending accounted for 6% of the gross national production to 7%, and the Western medical tourism accounted for 0.4%. Press the Thai Health Ministry's budget, last year went to Thailand to take over the medical act of domestic tourists bring about 98 billion baht in spending. 5 years, this area will exceed 800 billion baht revenue.


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Shows just how ignorant some people are

2006-07-18 06:01:47 by -

Please make an effort to educate yourself before answering, and if you don't know what you're talking about please refrain from answering.
Medical tourism to Bangkok is a huge business, especially for dental work.
There's a reason it's so popular... the work is very good, done by doctors and dentists who have studied and practiced in the U.S., and is done for a fraction of the cost you pay in the U.S.
The condescention and ignorance of people who think every country but the U.S. is some backwater hellhole is mind boggling. Thailand is every bit as modern and advanced as the U.S.
Take a look: /

Dental tourism

2010-05-15 17:58:14 by worldtraveler313

THis year I had my teeth cleaned/polished for $8 in the Philippines, and two fillings for $8 each. Very clean and professional office, more modern equipment than my dentist here.
Got a crappy filling in Egypt for $3.75.
Had 5 fillings and a crown that lasted 10 years in Tijuana for $200 (but that was in 97)
Medicine costs next to nothing in foreign countries, many have better facilities and staff ratio than here. I would trust Thailand, Bangkok has world class hospitals. Singapore and Malaysia are also modernized countries.

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