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With the rising cost of medical services in the industrialized countries is the issue of "medical tourism" has become an important industrial sector. According to recent reports in the service industry Focus on Travel News the revenues from this sector in Asia alone amounted in 2007 to $ 3.4 billion. The Asian Medical Tourism Analysis is based on a growth of 17.6 percent between 2007 and 2012. The five largest incoming countries are Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The cost treatments without waiting make Asia one of the most interesting markets for health tourism. In 2007 alone, more than 2.9 million guests visited the continent to enter into treatment. Play a key role in the Thailand Bumrungrad International, the Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Parkway Health of Singapore and Raffles Medical Group, India's Apollo Hospitals and St. Luke's Medical Center with the Medical City in the Philippines. Thailand alone accounted for around 1.5 million in the prior year foreign health tourists who brought about $ 1.1 billion revenue. To the booming medical tourist destinations include India. In addition to conventional Western treatments also Ayurveda, aromatherapy, yoga and acupuncture are offered. 2007 traveled to India around 450, 000 medical tourists.

Singapore's health system and the quality of services are known far beyond the borders of the country. Compared to other Asian countries, the costs are much higher here. Nevertheless, 400, 000 patients have used the service of the city state. By 2012 growth expected annually to about a million patients. New as health destinations are Malaysia and the Philippines. In Malaysia in 2007 were about 340, 000 foreign patients receiving treatment. Most patients came from Indonesia and Singapore. Experts predict boom in the nation with growth rates of 25 to 30 percent by 2010. Similarly, the number of acts in the Philippines: in 2007 there were approximately 200, 000 patients from Asia, Micronesia and the Middle East. In the future it will be increasingly, Americans and Europeans, who will be treated here.

But the business of health care is booming not only in Asia but also in Central and South America. And since the arrival of U.S. citizens is relatively short, treatments are booming in countries like Chile or Argentina. That the treatments in these countries for the patients but definitely worth showing cost comparisons: Offered are usually total packages that include not only medical care, the acquisition of arrival and departure transfers as well as in the country. A heart surgery in a 87-year-old American would cost $ 40, 000 in his home country, in India the total package including travel costs $ 8, 000. But also between the individual provider countries there is a significant price difference: operations that cost $ 5000 in Chile, are already available in Argentina for $ 2, 000.

The recently published report, "Opportunities of future medical tourism in Asia" assumes that by 2010 the market will be a 40 billion dollar business with some 780 million patients. About the quality of health services but there is no discussion of interests: modern technology, trained in Europe or in the U.S., doctors are self-evident. This can be seen as the Bumrungrad with more than 600 physicians and 800 nurses and caregivers. About a million patients, including 400, 000 from foreign countries, are treated annually. For inpatient treatment are more than 550 beds, including ICU and 80 luxury rooms and suites. Allergy, children, dialysis, heart, skin and neurology department and an eye laser refraction Center are included in the hospital as kindergarten, Japanese restaurant, cafe and fast food restaurant. The hospital is a public company traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


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Medical Tourism - 60 Minutes transcript

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To Americans who can't afford health insurance, paying for an expensive elective surgery can be as far out of their reach as an exotic vacation.
But today, many are getting both at a fraction of the U.S. cost in places like India and Thailand, reports Correspondent Bob Simon.
Bangkok is one example, where more than 350,000 international patients are treated in Bumrungrad Hospital the intestinal disorders common in foreign lands. If there is malpractice, a lawsuit would have to be brought in the foreign court, not in the United States.
On the up side, however, Sedlmayr brought her daughter along, and after her successful surgery, they stayed on at an Indian beach resort that cost $140 per day for both of them.
"Combining surgery and paradise" says Sedlmayr.

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