An insurance for a holiday in Thailand

Posted on February 11, 2013 – 00:00
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An insurance for a holiday in Thailand

An insurance for a holiday in Thailand is not mandatory but advisable as all medical and hospital care are borne by the tourist, certainly cure you but if you do not have the money to pay does not make you leave the hospital.
Here is a link with the list with logos of all the international companies that are affiliated with hospitals.
Better to be safe and getting a quote from international insurance that get into trouble and read well below what they offer. An example many companies do not cover icidenti made with a scooter, especially if they have no international driving license, some companies are also available 24 hours a day with call centers in Italian ... just pay and you have everything .. even a good holiday Bangkok Hospital Pattaya - Thailand: The International Standard Award Winning Hospital by the Sea, hospital thailand, thailand hospital, Medical Tourism Thailand


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Bangkok's Bumrungrad International Hospital is

2009-08-22 10:03:38 by timebuilder

A JCI-certified facility. It services more than 200,000 foreigners a year, including 55,000 Americans. That's just one hospital. There are over 100 JCI-certified hospitals in 25 countries and more are being built everyday in places like Costa Rica, India, and Malaysia.
Different destinations seem to specialize in different treatments. Costa Rica is known for dentistry while Brazil is popul...ix doctors in the U.S. is an Indian. A third consideration has to do with language. English is spoken in Indian hospitals.
To further attract medical tourism to Malaysia from neighboring Thailand and Singapore, the Malaysian government has been cracking down on so-called "fake hospitals." Recently six healthcare centers allegedly run by phony doctors have been closed down.
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