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Posted on January 24, 2014 – 03:03 am

Dîner avec Eric, Aki et Mimo (Bangkok, Thaïlande) More than a month since we got back and I've not yet told our last trip. Here is a small article in the introduction, the rest will follow as and when. Sulawesi in 2011, it's here!

As every year we come to Bangkok on Friday. It allows us to spend the weekend with Eric and Mimo, our French friends settled there in recent years, and now make our way to the ritual weekend market.Déjeuner avec Guillaume, installé pour un mois à Bangkok (Thaïlande)

From the time that Bangkok relaxing side without being altogether. As soon as we landed, we immediately disconnects of our world. At the same time we find our bearings. Taxi drivers need to force it to the counter.Le condominium de Guillaume dans le quartier de Ari (Bangkok, Thaïlande) Multicolored taxis. The watermelon and fresh pineapple on the street. The Seven Eleven open all night, massage once or twice a day. Bangkok is a bit our home on the other side of the world. And we are happy to come home.Petite soirée avec Thibaut, en escale Air France (Bangkok, Thaïlande)

But this year there is something new: William childhood friend of Jean-François decided to install one month in Bangkok to try local life, apart from tourism context.

He rented a small studio Ari, a booming neighborhood located in the north-western part of Bangkok, where habits are actually very few local people and tourists.

At the end of the month, join us in Sulawesi for two weeks of vacation.

Nay, there are two new Thibaut, my friend steward at Air France is also part. By the merest chance he is serving on the flight from Paris to Bangkok on Friday, so we joined the Saturday.

Nice to find all there. Except that on Friday evening having been up to the joy of reunion, we are not in great shape upon arrival Thibaut ...

In short, life in flip flops, massages, Thai food, well watered evenings, shopping t-shirts for boys weekend market. We love this fun way to get in legs before flying to Indonesia.


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Bangkok's Bumrungrad International Hospital is

2009-08-22 10:03:38 by timebuilder

A JCI-certified facility. It services more than 200,000 foreigners a year, including 55,000 Americans. That's just one hospital. There are over 100 JCI-certified hospitals in 25 countries and more are being built everyday in places like Costa Rica, India, and Malaysia.
Different destinations seem to specialize in different treatments. Costa Rica is known for dentistry while Brazil is popul...ix doctors in the U.S. is an Indian. A third consideration has to do with language. English is spoken in Indian hospitals.
To further attract medical tourism to Malaysia from neighboring Thailand and Singapore, the Malaysian government has been cracking down on so-called "fake hospitals." Recently six healthcare centers allegedly run by phony doctors have been closed down.
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