Thailand: Medical insurance mandatory soon for tourists?

Posted on June 29, 2013 – 00:00

Thailand: Medical insurance mandatory soon for tourists?

The Thai government does not want to pay the bill for tourists "poor" who are hospitalized in Thailand last year, foreign tourists have left a list of accounts suspended for five million baht in public hospitals in Pattaya and Phuket.

According to Mr. Pradit Sinthawanarong, the Minister of Health, about 2.5 million foreign visitors are admitted to a hospital in Thailand.

With the number of tourists visiting Thailand is expected to reach 30 million by 2015, the costs of emergency medical care provided to tourists who are not able to pay, are likely to create a significant burden for local hospitals.

Compulsory medical insurance for tourists entering the country

According to the Bangkok Post, about 40% of doctor visits are made by international expatriates living in the Kingdom.

20% are tourists of health (medical tourism) that are specific to Thailand for treatment, 8% attending the general medical care and the remaining 32% are considered emergencies.

Jetsada Jongpaiboonpattana, director of Vachira Phuket Hospital, said that the public hospital in Phuket last year spent 3 million baht to provide care to foreign tourists who do not have the means to pay.

The Banglamung Hospital Pattaya has spent the last year 2 million baht for the care of strangers without being paid.

In the long term, the Ministry intends to finance the insurance by imposing additional fees for airline tickets, or a tax on the price of hotel rooms.

Has not yet been mentioned 'entry into force of the legislation, but the various state agencies have agreed in principle to apply to foreign tourists a travel insurance and a compulsory medical insurance before entering Thailand.

The Ministry of Health has made the proposal at a meeting with representatives of the Airports of Thailand (AOT), the Royal Thai Police and various other ministries related to tourism.

The government has expressed concern about the financial burden that affect the finances of the country's public hospitals, which are obligated to provide medical care to tourists gratuitaai tourists who do not have the means to pay.

We are studying several options: the Minister of Health Pradit Sinthawanarong, who chaired the meeting, proposed that the cost of health insurance coverage is included in the expenditure at a flat rate of entry visas.

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Greetings from Bangkok

2010-01-26 06:40:34 by jules49

Finally made the trip and am trilled w/ both my treatment and the results so far. Learning to pee again through the swelling is new and strange. My nurses have been amazingly wonderful. I've had 5 nights in a large private 19th floor hospital room w/ showers and bathroom. My doctor himself has visted 3 times to check on me. The food has been better than I've ever seen at a hospital. Though if this down. Large hospital staffs with experience at every level. India might be a cheaper option but the quality of service here is wonderful. The local news has run stories about increasing medical tourism and the government certainely views patients from the us as an asset.

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