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Dear all,after revision,We may have spent a little quickly Bangkok ,and some might have thought we had a bad experience of the metropolis,but what a shock!Okay,it was found that it smelled like diesel ever,and tuk-tuks and taxis anquille left us a minute,and it is madness,even chaos in the streets ...but that's part of the charm is not it?

After a few hours wandering through the streets,to recover from our painful 30 hours of flight,we headed to Wat Pho where the very famous inclined Buddha resides (from the time it is rather lying ...).For the first time in the Thai world,the site and architecture impressed me so much that I actually went the trigger of my camera without relâqui after a few days,seems much less impressive than the arrival.Hihihi!

The next day we decided to attack the city.By the way,we stopped at various temples and parks we passed just to take a respite from the bustling city of Bangkok.Among other things,we got to the top of Wat Saket (aka "Golden Mount"),a huge temple built in a hill overlooking much of the city.If it were not for urban pollution,we would have a panoramic view of several dozen kilometers from Bangkok!Then,we zig-ZAGUE in the streets finally arrived in the heart of the city where stacked in a maze roads,pedestrian crossings and railway Skytrain.

To begin,we entered the inexhaustible Mahboonkrong (MBK),a shopping center of about seven floors where there are much the big box stores that small merchants with their "stand" to scarf.The place is crawling with young teenager came refuel cossins more or less useful in the comfort of air conditioning!After the madness of shopping,where we bought nothing but a meal,it is mounted in the recent Skytrain ,before taking a brief rest of dizzying activity of the city Lumpini Park . We continued our journey through the dubious corner and messy Phatpong,the red-light Bangkok,to the luxurious Sirocco Bar atop the State Tower (247m),where it was denied entry ( surprised?) by a sign which clearly stipulated that sweaty backpacker were not welcome.At that's no problem,it was still sitting,wet but cool in leather couches receipt and we pushed our crime to use their toilets!What spirits rebels!This long cultivante march was finally ended with our first traffic jam in Bangkok taxi ...a must experience!;)

Finally,our third and last day in Bangkok,we took the morning to visit the famous Grand Palace : the Royal Palace,where among other stays the Thai and other eminent personalities of the world aristocrats in their stay in Thailand (for example,Queen Elizabeth).The murals are the most impressive as they represent mythical beings and important scenes of Thai history.Without a guide,we had to interpret ourselves all this information,but we can tell you with great conviction-docks that their story has not been easy!Joking aside,the site is full of temples and sacred figures of the Buddha more beautiful than the other.Obviously,these are also places of prayer and meditation where the average tourist is invited to the greatest respect: as in other sacred places,it is mandatory to remove his shoes and never point the toes to Buddha.In particular,the Emerald Buddha is probably the most famous figure of the place.From the top of the 45cm,it overlooks a large temple,the Buddha suffered three years by changing clothes (for winter seasons,summer and rainy) and the ritual is executed by the King himself!It was a very nice visit,although after a few hours under the sun,my adorable Carolyne suffered a small exposure that earned him discomfort at the end of visit.


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8 Great Places to Retire You've Never Heard Of

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Calitri, Italy
• Population: 5,685
• Climate: Mild, averaging 50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter months and 90 degrees in summer months.
• Proximity to water: Located in the center of southern Italy, Calitri is about 75 miles from the Mediterranean Sea.
• Proximity to major airport: It's about 80 miles to Naples International Airport (NAP).
The Draw: This town in south...thern Thailand offers cooler temperatures and a calmer environment. Renowned as a medical-tourism destination, it is home to an ample supply of private hospitals, state-run clinics and full-service pharmacies that provide high-quality health care at bargain prices.
Tip: As an outsider, you cannot own land in Thailand without a local partner -- but you can buy a condo or an apartment.

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Disgraced rock star Gary Glitter was arrested in Vietnam yesterday as he tried to flee the country following allegations that he committed 'obscene sexual acts' with under-age girls.
He was stopped at Ho Chi Minh City airport trying to board a flight to Bangkok and taken to southern Ba-Ria Vung Tau province, the state-controlled media reported.
Detectives in the province want to ques... March. He has twice been thrown out of neighbouring Cambodia although not charged.
Thousands of Vietnamese girls are involved in the sex industry. Foreign paedophiles find it easy to prey on them because the concept of child sex tourism is so alien to the country, according to Le Hong Loan, head of the child protection unit of the Vietnam office of the UN's children's organisation Unicef.

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