Against sexual violence "Family Minister Marek ... Bangkok ...

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Wir dürfen Sexverbrecher nicht veröffentlichen,man könnte ja ein Kind vor ihm schützen....

27thSeptember 2010

Family Minister Marek ... Bangkok ...

Fight against abuse of minors when traveling

We can not publish Sexverbrecher,one could protect a child from him ....

. This Monday is World Tourism Day - he is dedicated to the fight against sexual abuse of minors when traveling.Austria also strengthened the resources here:

rot-weiß-roter Beamter für den südostasiatischen Raum stationiert. From 2011,a red-white-red officer is stationed for the Southeast Asian region in Bangkok.The contact person there residing for Austrians will accept suspected cases of child exploitation.

in dieser Region. "Every year there are around 60, 000 Austrians in this region.The liaison officer will continue in place form the link between the Austrian Ministry of the Interior,specifically the Federal and the officials,"said General Franz Lang,head of the Federal (BK).

Do not look away ...
Do not look away

To accompany the installed in the embassy liaison office is to make the program launched on Monday campaign to raise awareness of travelers from Austria,Germany and Switzerland even more successful.

,"> core of this action is the publication of the e-mail address mailto

at any suspicions should be reported,as Secretary of State Marek family said.

You agree: "We protect the Sexverbrecher can come what may!"

Attention is drawn to the e-mail address and the problem through the video clip "Witness".With the admonition,"Do not look away" shows this in return the story of a child who takes a man from the beach to the bar and eventually deported to his room.

"Witness" is used by travel agencies to home pages,while flights and shown in hotels and in doctors' offices and on screens in the Vienna underground, in addition it is pointed in brochures and folders on the campaign and the e-mail address of the Interpol report center.There you will take care of focus for years to child pornography and now. Well to sexual exploitation in tourism

Source: APA online 27.09.2010
This is Austria's kind deal with ... Sexverbrechern

Child porn consumer cop back on duty ...



Is this a sham to distract from Austria's problems in this area?im Internet fahnden gegen die Sexverbrecher in Österreich sind Befehlsempfänger vom Ausland und nun wollen sie im Ausland plötzlich tätig werden? Austrian investigators are not allowed on the internet fahnden against Sexverbrecher in Austria are recipients of orders from abroad and now they want abroad suddenly become active?

Woman Secretary of State Marek family, you have no better choice proposal?gemailt zu haben! I think you have already emailed a lot of food for thought!

Unfortunately,these officials as a drop of water at 40Â ° in Bangkok in the shade!keinen Internetzugang haben? What use this email address when the 4-year-old children do not have internet access?

Sie sind sich einig:


Culinary Travels Bustling Bangkok Thailand
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Help is just a whistle away

2008-03-31 21:54:49 by in-thailand

Thai Tourism Police are issuing women visitors whistles and safety pamphlets warning sunbathers not to wear revealing swimsuits.NEXT time when you hear someone whistling on an isolated beach in Thailand don’t immediately assume it is a wolf call.It might be a female tourist desperately in need help.
Two days after the shocking murder of a Swedish woman in the island of Phuket on March 15, ....”one of Thailand’s most notorious tourist murders is the strangling to death of 24-year-old British backpacker Kirsty Sara Jones in a guesthouse in Chiang Mai in 2000.Included with the Thai Tourism Police-issued whistles are safety pamphlets warning female sunbathers not to wear revealing swimsuits.

Thailand is blowing up also

2008-11-26 11:12:31 by Lapis_Philosophus

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Protesters commandeering Thailand's main airport forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights and stranded thousands of travelers Wednesday as they escalated their 4-month-old campaign to oust the prime minister.
The bold takeover — carried out while Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat was attending the Asia-Pacific summit in Peru — stranded 4,000 travelers and rais...ncident has damaged Thailand's reputation and its economy beyond repair," he said.
The protesters appeared intent on forcing the military to intervene and bring down the elected regime. Army commander Gen. Anupong Paochinda has repeatedly ruled out a coup, though he has also said the army "will keep peace and order to protect the public and uphold important institutions like the monarchy."

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