Pandan Tour Co., Ltd.. - Charoen Krung Road, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok, Thailand.

Posted on March 23, 2014 – 01:30 pm

About Pandan
We are a family-owned company founded by a Thai and Japanese / American couple.Our combined experience in traveling is used to start a tour company That Would Satisfy the taste of discerning travelers,Have you prefer to dig a little deeper into the Thai cultural and historical places in Bangkok.We would like to pass on to our customers what we Have found to be a fresh travel experience,something That is more interesting than what the usual mass tourists get to see,and That no other regular tower companies Have to offer before.

Five (5) Reasons to Take Pandan Tour

1. Family Friendly Tour - Pick up & Drop Off Service Available We Have Every tour program is children friendly.As parent of young children,We Understand the needs of parents.WE HAVE gears ready for children: such as life jacket,poncho and umbrella as well as snacks for em All which are Easier to munch on.We Have had customers turn as young as 2 years old.Child and baby seats are available upon request.

2. Private / Small Group - Add Flexibility
We manage a round of small group of people in a more intimate and private environment.Along the tour,you can always yell "Stop!" To look at what you are interested to see.We are flexible to make extra stops to explain to you about the website or to interact with locals.

3. Interesting Spots - Unseen Thailand
We pride ourselves on Bringing you to an "unseen places",or Places that only the locals know of.Instead of a tourist crowd,You Will Have you meet the friendly locals live along the canal.Would it make things turn out to be more interesting for you.If you hear of any unusual site That is not included in our tour route,we can try to customize a program for your group as well.All of this is done to make you leave sour with the profoundest printing of Thailand.

4. Greener,more Sustainable Company
We try to conduite our business with care and concern for the environment.We converted our boat to run on natural gas,Produces All which is friendlier and less carbon dioxide to the air we breathe.We also practice sustainable tourism,All which means clustering not overloading the carrying capacity of our destination and Spending our money locally without changing Their way of life in a way That is detrimental to the traditional cultures.

5. Value Added with No Haggling
If you go down to the river bank on your own for a boat ride,the boat driver might ask what is a more than reasonable price,and That is without an English speaking guide.You may also need to haggle over the price May All which leave a bad aftertaste.This is not a pleasant experience for anyone.Our tour is all inclusive and our prices are fixed and reasonable. Things Will Be much more convenient for you.


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Bomb blasts damage fragile Indonesian economy

2002-10-14 10:53:00 by bali

Southeast Asian markets tumbled Monday as investors across the region reacted to the Bali bombings that killed more than 180 and sparked fears of new terrorism.
In Jakarta, stocks tumbled more than 9 percent, and markets sank in Bangkok, Manila and Kuala Lumpur on investor fears of "Bali Effect" copycat attacks.
The Indonesian rupiah plummeted against the dollar.
Some invest...iser canceled all its charter trips to Bali until Christmas.
Meanwhile, organizers of an upcoming energy conference, the Seventh Annual Condensate Forum, shifted their meeting from Bali to Singapore because of security concerns.
More than 5 million foreigners visited Indonesia in 2001 -- about 1.5 million to Bali alone -- accounting for about $5 billion in foreign exchange earnings

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