International trade "a culture shock? Let's go to Bangkok!

Posted on April 28, 2014 – 07:04 pm

First of all,hello to one and all!My name is Benjamin Ferreira BBA student at HEC I am currently trading in Thailand and more specifically in Bangkok.

So after a few weeks before from stress now here I am almost two months into the "nest" where living buildings and Asia "modern" alongside temples and Buddhist monks.

Before leaving I had made a list of what I thought see,what I went "change" for the opportunity to see if my stereotypes are checked or not.Here are some examples which I will answer whether or not they have been verified.

  1. The climate is tropical,so I guess it's hot all the time
  2. There are monkeys in the streets (Elephants also!)
  3. People speak English in the city because it is like tourist city
  4. The standard of living is low in prices (housing,food ...)
  5. Thailand has a reputation as sex tourism and all other excesses such as other drugs and is strongly present.

And ideas like this it I've spent many in the head!However,after starting to explore the city and the country,I think I can answer a few questions.

! First,warm temperature YES!But heat which I knew nothing when I left the airport I went straight re the word is not hot but stuffy. Indeed,when the thermometer reads 30 degrees it does not take into account humidity (due to the rainy season which I will return later) and pollution (traffic in Bangkok deserves a whole article!)

The monkeys in the streets,and not in spite of some good insight into the parrots tourist streets monkeys I have not seen in the city.However,is that the monkeys in Lopburi hold the city and where they control if all I can say.Regarding elephants in Bangkok we can see,yes,yes I assure you but I must say they are at the zoo?

English,what a beautiful language!But here I would say that 10-20% of the population speak it in the street,so it's a new language that I am learning here to choose my dishes,give a direction to the taxi or just know where I am when I'm lost.The language with hands and mimes are very useful!

The cost of living for a person coming from a northern country I have to admit that my purchasing power is impressive,taxi,shops here everything is cheaper.One of the most striking examples is that they cost a lot more expensive to do our groceries to eat at the restaurant or on the street.Thus,I have not cooked once since my arrival except to make pancakes. The cost of living is low on May 1 thing which I was not used is that EVERYTHING market.A taxi,the price of jeans in a store,the food is only one of the few things that we can not negotiate here.But it is quite simple to do offer "samples" to taste a little of everything.

Regarding the reputation of Thailand,it is true,and I'm pretty heartbroken and upset.Bangkok is certain neighborhoods (the most tourist) a plant to women,children,lady boys and young men in prostitution.When some of my trips I've been able to realize I went in real resort dedicated to having sex I will come back later,because it was a real shock to me.

One might think that these are many tourists who engage in such practices but must also show that it is also common to see Thais.

Here,a few shocks I could have arrived here but Thailand has so much to see,experience,culture and religion exciting that I prefer not to dwell on things!

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Source: It's Just Sex, Guys - The Final Word on Thailand
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