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Posted on January 25, 2014 – 03:40 am
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Suvarnabhumi Airport is expected to open toward the end of September. Meanwhile, tourism sites located in neighbor areas of the new international airport Have Been preparing to serve a number of tourists as a good place to take a short trip before boarding Their flight.

According to the Tourism Authority of the Central Region, several trips to nearby attractions, located not more than 100 kilometers from the airport, will be available for visitors. Instead of waiting for Their flight at the airport from 3 to 10 hours, the travelers' will be provided with three-to-four-hour round trips visiting nearby well-known attractions.

These short trips include Bang Pakong River cruises in the eastern Chachoengsao Province. The three-hour trip of 25 kilometers starts from Chachoengsao's Muang District to view local people going about Their normal daily lives along the river. The route passes some interesting places, including Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan, the location of the sacred Phra Buddha image Phutthasothon, and the hundred-year-old Ban Mai riverside market.

In Addition, Samut Prakan Province, in Which the new Suvarnabhumi Airport is located, includes several well-known attractions as well. Among them is the Ancient City, the world's biggest open-air museum, Which houses scaled-down replicas of Thailand's important historical sites, and the Erawan Museum of the mythical three-headed elephant, where sacred objects of the land are Exhibited. The other major tourism site is the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo, Which Has Been Well-Known for years as Thailand's first crocodile farm and one of the largest in the world.

Besides, several attractions in Chon Buri Province are reported ready to serve an Increased number of foreign tourists from Suvarnabhumi Airport, including Bang Saen Beach, Pattaya Beach , and Si Racha District.

The Suvarnabhumi Airport is located in Bang Phli District of Samut Prakan Province, Approximately 25 kilometers east of Bangkok.

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