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A01 Macao Macao Daily News
2007-04-09 Quick serene improve traffic congestion in Bangkok MRT Australia worthy of reference

WASHINGTON reporter Li Yongshun Man grains 28 (Xinhua) travel to Thailand in recent years, residents, if used overhead rapid transit system in Bangkok, I believe its fast serene feeling impressed. Bangkok Skytrain overhead significantly improved through their experience traffic congestion on the current year with the development of tourism in Bangkok face similar problems Macau traffic in improving transportation ideas, ideas and experience, or inspiration.
Bangkok traffic jams spawned MRT Bangkok in the eighties of last century, with the hotel industry, the rapid development of the tourism industry, the domestic population, coupled with international visitors flocked aggregation effect, so many people and cars crowded traffic in Bangkok, "go traffic jam "has become the mantra of the time travel to Bangkok, the tour guides also be punctual collection of mine, will spend most of the day traffic jam on the road. Traffic congestion became Man valley tourism exhibition industry a major obstacle. To this end, the Thai government has invested heavily in improving the determination Bangkok tourist traffic conditions, then gave birth to the foreign tourists enjoy good reputation in the rapid transit system (BTS), and on December 5, 1999 and put into use, its underground part of a cover most rapid mass transit system in Bangkok. Especially now forty-four kilometers long BTS, connecting most of Bangkok's commercial, tourist attractions walking between, for tourists and business flow to provide a more convenient and comfortable mass transport chain, and the original road network and gathering system integration Bangkok residents and visitors to provide a truly three-dimensional transportation network, has greatly improved the appearance of Bangkok traffic.
Walking mall tourist attractions
BTS currently two lines, overhead rail travel in all forms of large shopping malls and tourist attractions such as passenger distribution center from 6 am to midnight run, the average six to ten minutes a bus service from the ten to forty baht is not etc. (depending on the number of stations may be), the form of the establishment of the station are located in the overhead, and traffic congestion, air pollution, noisy street traffic separation, waiting environment greatly improved. Station exit to connect with a large shopping mall, to increase its tourist resort connotations. The more general issue of the buses is also low noise, with its punctual, quiet and fast characteristics, coupled with affordable fares, to most people and tourists willing to adopt, shuttling between various tourist attractions, when there is "light rail vehicles have been over a million re-building "feeling.
Currently, Man charged with an average grain rail traffic over one million passengers per day, the peak of more than three million passengers in traffic, tourist traffic has greatly improved conditions for Man Valley tourism fight more repeat customers, and its rich tourism resources to play, to become residents of neighboring countries and regions of the resort center.
Tour Thailand and Macao Macau people look forward to build light rail rapid development in recent years, driven by tourism and gaming, over twenty million visitors mark last year, representing an increase of eighteen percent ○ 五年, many people and cars, has been with the Australian Transport to heavy pressure. In January this year, visitor arrivals in package tours increased substantially compared to the same month last year, 63.3%, roads severe overload. Body of Macao residents traveling in Bangkok also issued lament: Macao should probably learn Bangkok, convenient traffic light rail construction, transportation solution of the storm.
Macau is now walking Man valleys during the year similar to the rapid development of tourism of the road, although in both road space, land resources and so different, but the development of the tourism industry to improve the transportation system have a great boost. Macao in the construction of the elevated light rail and other transport network consisting of three-dimensional set of decision-making and discussion of problems encountered in the process, Mann Valley groupage network three-dimensional experience, perhaps a reference to the place.
Bangkok Skytrain overhead because the success of last year, the Thai government approved the construction of five MRT route then the motion, the budget amount of 162 to 165.4 billion baht rooms (one U.S. dollar exchange about 36.1 eight baht), in 2011 in succession to use.


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Bomb blasts damage fragile Indonesian economy

2002-10-14 10:53:00 by bali

Southeast Asian markets tumbled Monday as investors across the region reacted to the Bali bombings that killed more than 180 and sparked fears of new terrorism.
In Jakarta, stocks tumbled more than 9 percent, and markets sank in Bangkok, Manila and Kuala Lumpur on investor fears of "Bali Effect" copycat attacks.
The Indonesian rupiah plummeted against the dollar.
Some invest...iser canceled all its charter trips to Bali until Christmas.
Meanwhile, organizers of an upcoming energy conference, the Seventh Annual Condensate Forum, shifted their meeting from Bali to Singapore because of security concerns.
More than 5 million foreigners visited Indonesia in 2001 -- about 1.5 million to Bali alone -- accounting for about $5 billion in foreign exchange earnings

Satan has arrived in Singapore

2005-05-05 17:08:21 by Bartleby_Tutu

Dicing with vice
Apr 21st 2005 | BANGKOK
From The Economist print edition
The government legalises casinos
"WE WANT Singapore to have the X-factor, that buzz that you get in London, Paris, or New York." That is how Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore's prime minister, announced his government's decision to legalise gambling in the country, in the form of two larg...os on a new council it is setting up to combat the ill-effects of gambling. But Mr Fong, for one, says he is not interested in helping the authorities clean up a mess of their own making. Instead, he wants to pursue his campaign. Some FACTS supporters are even urging him to convene a public demonstration; but, given the government's authoritarian instincts, he says, that is too much of a gamble.

Bangkok's Bumrungrad International Hospital is

2009-08-22 10:03:38 by timebuilder

A JCI-certified facility. It services more than 200,000 foreigners a year, including 55,000 Americans. That's just one hospital. There are over 100 JCI-certified hospitals in 25 countries and more are being built everyday in places like Costa Rica, India, and Malaysia.
Different destinations seem to specialize in different treatments. Costa Rica is known for dentistry while Brazil is popul...ix doctors in the U.S. is an Indian. A third consideration has to do with language. English is spoken in Indian hospitals.
To further attract medical tourism to Malaysia from neighboring Thailand and Singapore, the Malaysian government has been cracking down on so-called "fake hospitals." Recently six healthcare centers allegedly run by phony doctors have been closed down.
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