World Film Festival of Bangkok in November 2013

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Since 2003 is the Festival Bangkok Film World, organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. This festival aims to be a showcase for new work and expose new generations of filmmakers in order to promote the film industry.

More than 80 films are exhibited in the various editions of the Festival, with work from Europe, Asia and America including short films, experimental films, documentaries and animated films.

In addition, there are workshops, discussions and various activities that enrich the cinematic nature of the event.

For this edition, the festival will take place from 15 to 24 November at the Bangkok (Thailand) and for more information please visit their website here .

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I was there for a year...

2004-07-13 12:53:04 by nikster

- its not the best weather season in thailand right now, but it's really mostly just fine.
- thailand is as safe as you want it to be. nice people. no violence. you are safe as long as you avoid the really seedy areas in bangkok.
- on samui, you can be in tourism hell
(chaweng), remote beaches (north), inbetween (south lamai), or meditation retreat. all within an hour's driv...nd sourroundings - is beautiful and a good place to go if weather in the south is really bad. there is tons of stuff to do there too.
if you want to go to a beach and lie in the sun and nothing else, and have little time, i would recommend going some other time (nov-apr). if that's not important - thailand is amazing, cheap, beautiful, has the best food in the world - unbelievable, really.

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