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Posted on June 8, 2014 – 12:21 am
Everyone Must Visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Certainly not as kid friendly as Singapore but among the great
cities in South-east Asia Bangkok is undoubtedly the most fascinating
to visit with children and full of things that intrigue them. In 2011 and again in 2012 I was in Bangkok
with my 8 year old son, here's what you should do if you stop
2 whole days in the city and travel with the children.

- The first day devotes one morning at the Grand Palace and Wat Pho,
the temples to be seen and if not too prolonged visit children
bear, the afternoon instead do something relaxing, port
in the little boat trip on the canals of Thonburi, Bangkok will see a
unusual and curious. The program does not commit you throughout the day and
if you are staying in a hotel with a pool (there are dozens, maybe hundreds)
the late afternoon let them vent and have fun.

- The second day make a quick visit to Chinatown, the Sampang Lane
perhaps the most characteristic is the way, then join the Lumphini Park and do a safari
in search of big lizards that if they go around (Free and undisturbed)
within the park, just below the skyscrapers (and lizards are long
more than 2 meters). The first afternoon visit to the nearby Snake farm (managed
from the Thai Red Cross, is an interesting place), take a tour of
the shopping centers of Siam Square and then Finish your day in Khao
San Road in the evening all pedestrian and full of street entertainment,
perfect for children.

And if you have time to devote to reading, to the city and how
visit with the kids I spent a guide on my blog.

Find information on why go to Bangkok with kids, things
in which you have to pay attention, the adults oriented areas to be avoided,
to arrange visits to temples and Chinatown without boring
your children. And yet the suggestions on the most characteristic, the
boat trip along the canals in Bangkok and what to do if it rains. What are
Rooftop Bars the most suitable for children and where to eat. Here is the link:

Far East | Travelling with Children in Bangkok

I hope it will be useful to all readers (with children) of this forum direct to Bangkok!


I was there for a year...

2004-07-13 12:53:04 by nikster

- its not the best weather season in thailand right now, but it's really mostly just fine.
- thailand is as safe as you want it to be. nice people. no violence. you are safe as long as you avoid the really seedy areas in bangkok.
- on samui, you can be in tourism hell
(chaweng), remote beaches (north), inbetween (south lamai), or meditation retreat. all within an hour's driv...nd sourroundings - is beautiful and a good place to go if weather in the south is really bad. there is tons of stuff to do there too.
if you want to go to a beach and lie in the sun and nothing else, and have little time, i would recommend going some other time (nov-apr). if that's not important - thailand is amazing, cheap, beautiful, has the best food in the world - unbelievable, really.

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