Thailand, the disaster in paradise: oil spill reaches Koh Samet

Posted on June 16, 2014 – 01:11 am

thai koh samet spiaggia Thailandia,disastro in paradiso: perdita di greggio raggiunge Koh SametSoldiers and volunteers working to clean up the beach of Ao Phrao,Koh Samet,Thailand (Photo @ Pacharapapon)

A spot of oil was released into the Gulf of Thailand. Spilled 50 thousand liters,reached the island paradise of Koh Samet

BANGKOK ( Asiablog ) - These are days for blacks Thailand the "Land of Smiles" is likely to be faced with a huge ecological disaster last Saturday after a patch of 50 thousand liters of oil is leaking from a pipeline and is dispersed in sea ​​in the Gulf of Siam.The loss would have occurred during the transfer of oil from an oil tanker to a pipeline of PTT Global Chemical Public Company (PTTGC),off the coast of Rayong province,in the southeast of the country.thai koh samet olio nero Thailandia,disastro in paradiso: perdita di greggio raggiunge Koh Samet The Bangkok government has sent 10 ships and 500 soldiers of the Thai Navy,but some of the oil,a patch of 5 thousand liters,we headed for the island paradise of Koh Samet,one of the main tourist destinations in Thailand.The authorities are working to limit the damage,but the non-governmental organization Greenpeace is concerned that the amount of oil dispersed is much greater than that declared.

Working to clean up the beach (@ Yui_Project)

SAVED Koh Samet. Meanwhile,Koh Samet,220 kilometers southeast of Bangkok and about 3 kilometers from the coast of Rayong,has been declared a disaster zone.The island is a popular destination for both residents of the capital for foreign tourists,and attracts about a million visitors per year,especially on weekends.But now its 14 white sand beaches are likely to be marred by waves of oil lapping on the shore. According Sumet Saithong,director of the National Park that also includes the island of Samet,Ao Phrao to clean,the beach most affected by the oil black,it will take about 15 days. "We closed Ao Phrao to tourists in order to enable authorized to clean up the water and the beach,"said Chuchart Oncharoen,delll'Autorità Director of Tourism of Thailand (TAT)." Ao Phrao is located on the west coast of Samet,but most of the hotels and resorts on the island are in the eastern part,which was not affected by the spill,"he added Chuchart.

The beach of Ao Phrao,aerial view.(CNN)

Economic and environmental damage. Anyway,many tourists are leaving the island and there are fears that the slick could reach the coast. "The oil spill is certainly having an impact on the environment,but we have not found any deaths of animals sea,"said the governor of the province of Rayong,Wichit Chatphaisit. According Srisuwan Janya,president of the NGO Stop Global Warming Association,also once the emergency passed "the most damage will be caused to those corals and fish in the food chain." It is a huge environmental damage that threatens to undermine the industry Tourism and Fisheries of the southeastern coast of the so-called Land of Smiles.

Photo source: @ Pacharapapon ,@ Yui_Project ,CNN

thai koh samet isola Thailandia, disastro in paradiso: perdita di greggio raggiunge Koh Samet


Bangkok settling down again....

2008-09-15 03:37:42 by edsdesk

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Associated Press
Monday, September 15, 2008; Page A15
BANGKOK, Sept. 15 -- The Thai government on Sunday ended a state of emergency imposed in the capital to control a violent political crisis, saying it had served only to scare away tourists crucial to the country's economy. "We should bring back the smile to the country once again, as we are called 'The Land of Smiles,' " Somchai said after meeting with the army chief and other senior security officials. "We have to restore outsiders' confidence, especially tourists, that we are a peaceful country and have no more conflict," he added..."

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