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Posted on May 29, 2013 – 00:00

bangkok MasterCard , en todo el mundo la capital de Tailandia, Bangkok, ha resultado ser el destino turístico número uno del año. As indicated in the third edition of the Annual Index of Global Destination Cities, prepared for MasterCard Worldwide Thailand's capital, Bangkok, has proven to be the number one tourist destination year.

London reached the second position in the study being overtaken by Bangkok by a tight margin, about 25, 000 tourists, a figure that finally separated the two cities in a dispute which represents around 1%.

The MasterCard study has analyzed the cities with the highest number of international tourists and so it has been found that London, Paris, Singapore and New York are among the five most visited destinations.

'Bangkok gathered momentum since last year. His rise to the top spot is the first not only for Asia, but growth is the emblem of the Southern Hemisphere covering much of Africa and Asia as well as South America ', indicated in that report.

In the index of this year, a clear trend perecibe domain in the Asia / Pacific region and that of the 132 ranked cities, 42 are in Asia.

Behind Bangkok are Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, and five of the top ten cities of 2013 are in the Greater China region.

Moreover, of the twenty major cities, four of the top five are London, Paris, Singapore and New York, to Los Angeles at No. 20.

These cities not only attract international tourists, but also are the most visited places by residents.

Thawatchai Arunyik, deputy director of internal marketing the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said in this regard in the international press that 'the theme of tourism in Thailand, ' Amazing Thailand always amazes' can not be more accurate, since its capital Bangkok, is located at the top of this year's index. And the word 'Amazing' focuses on the interest of foreign tourists in the country are Thai. This is a tribute to the hospitality industry, the transportation industry, food industry, beverage and catering, among many others, of our city '.

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What's illegal here?

2004-03-20 18:31:26 by if_not_underaged

Based on the article below, it seems they were organizing sex tours. I see nothing wrong with that.
It states "underage boys", "but police had no evidence or witnesses to level that charge". If that's true, there's a crime here. If that's not true, I'm puzzled. Where's the crime?
INT: Three arrested on charges of organizing gay sex tours in Thailand (AP)
Sat, 20 Mar 2004 5:32 ....
"They used to pair up gay and lesbians from other countries with sex partners in Thailand. They also organized sex tours for transvestites," Chote said.
The arrests are the result of a joint investigation by Thai
immigration police, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and the Australian Embassy, the Thai News Agency said.
The Associated Press - Issued: Mar 20 2004 8:31AM EST

Let's do dinner,--- soon, like tonight!

2007-02-10 12:20:02 by pelon

Chefs in Bangkok prepare $25,000 meal.
BANGKOK, Thailand - It's been billed as the "meal of a lifetime," a 10-course dinner concocted by world-renowned chefs for the most discriminating palates and — at $25,000 a head — the fattest wallets.
And that doesn't include tax and gratuity.
Few expenses were spared in putting together Saturday night's culinary extravaganza in Ba...each from Italy and Germany — commissioned to fix dinner at the Lebua luxury hotel for 40 "Epicurean Masters of the World." That's the title for the event, organized by the hotel to promote Thai tourism.
The menu features complicated creations like "tartare of Kobe beef with Imperial Beluga caviar and Belon oysters" and "mousseline of 'pattes rouges' crayfish with morel mushroom infusion."

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