The boom of tourism in Thailand, Bangkok Airport saturated

Posted on May 7, 2013 – 00:00

In recent years,Thailand has experienced a real tourist boom.Indeed,the attendance of tourists experienced an unprecedented increase in less than a decade,while from 16 to 24 million per year.

In addition to the,this increase is attributable in particular to the growth of new markets: Russia,China and India.Mass tourism reached Thailand and currently stands as an inexhaustible breadbasket for the tourism industry.

In addition,travel agencies and the growth of low-cost airlines (low cost) are only exacerbate the trend.To this end,Air Asia stands as the largest low-cost airlines and now has heavy traffic expected to exceed 10 million passengers this year in Thailand.

Bangkok airport already saturated

Inaugurated in 2006,the international airport of Bangkok has been designed to accommodate 45 million passengers,but it is currently already saturated.Indeed,it processed 51 million visitors in 2012,despite the reopening of the old Don Mueang Airport.airport_line While waiting for Phase II of the expansion of the Airport Survanabhumi planned for 2017,solutions are emerging everywhere.

Thai AirAsia reinforcements arrived and now offers flights from Bangkok directly connected with seven Chinese cities: Hong Kong,Guangzhou,Macau,Shenzhen,Macau-Chiang Mai-Chiang Mai Wuhan and Chongqing,Xian.

According Tassapon,most Chinese,especially young people,have enough power to get in the cities of Thailand.If the majority of them choose to visit Chiang Mai,where the film was shot at success "Lost in Thailand",others prefer to provide unique stays in Krabi or Phuket.

Indeed,these two destinations want more power and promise stays in frames resolutely unique,hence the attraction of young people to these two cities.

850, 000 Chinese tourists in three months

In sum,the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand has almost doubled in the first three months of 2013.In the first quarter of 2013,CEO of Thai AirAsia Tassapol Bijleveld,shared that the rate of tourists visiting Thailand has seen an increase of 97% reaching 850, 000.Moreover,it should be noted that 80% of Chinese tourists were passengers of Thai AirAsia.



2007-07-04 11:26:32 by lsk2107

I've been to a few of the places you're considering. Ecuador is amazing. Quito is great. There's a market in the biggest park (I forget the name, but it's easy to find) in the center of the city on Sundays. I also suggest a trip to Otovalo, which is a several-hour bus ride away. There's an amazing native market on the weekends. It's bigger than anything you can imagine. I didn't get to go to the... night bus there, and a train back. The night bus isn't too bad, and if you don't mind taking up a whole day with travel (it took us 14 hours), the train offers a beautiful way to see the countryside. As a side note, don't go to Pat Pong in Bangkok. It's the red-light district, and we went thinking it would be funny, but it's just sad and a little frightning.
Anyway, I'm jealous. Have fun.

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