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Posted on May 11, 2014 – 07:49 pm

Welcome to FREE APP, heading through which we remind you every day what applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are offered free of charge today. The apps are available: Blux Room, Activity Monitor, Bangkok Maps - Download Transit and Tourist Guides, World Heritage in Mexico, Pattaya Travel Map, InsTrack Followers on Instagram.

Blux room, first hour free € 2.69 [iPhone app]

Blux Camera-Optimized for iPhone5/iPod Touch (5th)

Photos and Video, Social Network

Here's a great app to take pictures at a professional level, with Blux room you can turn your iPhone into a powerful compact camera!

Activity Monitor before € 0.89 now free [Universal app]

Activity Monitor


A handy app that will show you a long list of information about your device in real time including: amount of traffic data input / output, info on the CPU, battery status, memory status, disk space and list of active processes .

On offer today a series of apps for tourists containing a myriad points of interest saved internally and well categorized with lots of maps available online and offline modes!

Bangkok Maps - Download Transit and Tourist Guides, first hour free € 0.79 [iPhone app]

Bangkok Maps - Download Transit Maps and Tourist Guides.

Travel, Navigation

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World Heritage in Mexico, before € 1.79 now free [Universal app]

World Heritage in Mexico


Pattaya Travel Map (Thailand) before € 2.69 now free [Universal app]

Pattaya Travel Map (Thailand)

Travel, Sports

InsTrack Followers on Instagram, first € 2.69 now free [Universal app]

InsTrack Followers on Instagram - Discover Unfollowers, Mutual Friends and Fans

Social Network, Utilities

With InsTrack Followers can keep track of all the people who do not follow you anymore, monitor new followers and find friends in common!

Please note that the offers are valid at the time of publication of the post, it is however possible that during the day the discount provided terms.

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2007-07-04 11:26:32 by lsk2107

I've been to a few of the places you're considering. Ecuador is amazing. Quito is great. There's a market in the biggest park (I forget the name, but it's easy to find) in the center of the city on Sundays. I also suggest a trip to Otovalo, which is a several-hour bus ride away. There's an amazing native market on the weekends. It's bigger than anything you can imagine. I didn't get to go to the... night bus there, and a train back. The night bus isn't too bad, and if you don't mind taking up a whole day with travel (it took us 14 hours), the train offers a beautiful way to see the countryside. As a side note, don't go to Pat Pong in Bangkok. It's the red-light district, and we went thinking it would be funny, but it's just sad and a little frightning.
Anyway, I'm jealous. Have fun.

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