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2013-05-23 19.54.37 The bottom of each article there are some small branch tips, are not interested in watching a large section of the text, do not go and see situation down! Oh, maybe you can help


I was full of fun set in the security package, due to live in the hotel only opened in 1/5/2013, we are regarded as white mice, it is possible to price check. (Is the value, even the tax per ticket plus hotel was $ 2999)

Stay hotel is DoubleTree by Hilton Hontel Sukhumvit Bangkok

Hotel URL:

Pictures and the actual facility is exactly the same friends! (For more details, look down to know)

Is unclear how many stars, my mom is estimated that four stars, but I think this is a 5 * hotel service (Seen this talk about it later, secrecy )

And before I bought tourism published by Jingwei $ 98 (all major bookstores).

Personal information that the contents of the book very good, at least mentioned attractions are also quite attractive (Of course, the address of, and attractions such as opening hours have been described), then you are really not bad to die

It has one called "Bangkok Traffic Tips" chapter, about a variety of Bangkok traffic usage price ﹑ ﹑ tips, etc., very practical!

Unfortunately, the book has great length about the new hotels in Bangkok, personally think that the waste chapters outside, so that the weight of the book thus becomes heavier.

(I guess most people are looking for a good hotel information from the Internet right, travel books only in the tourist attractions on .... at least I do haha)

Right. . . Another drawback is that the book, like really thick haha ​​but on the backpack is acceptable

Well into the topic now!

The first day

My take is that Hong Kong Airlines, departure time is 07:50, that 5:50 to arrive at the airport, go to 5:20, 4:00 to get up. Day ~

Due to travel the night before busy busy busy until 2:30, so I decided not to sleep, went to bed on the plane through the top to.

Oh ~ do not get enough sleep to travel really want to die Tiring and difficult, become irritable temper!

The time when Thailand's 09: xx (one hour behind Hong Kong, Thailand), luggage through customs after almost 11 o'clock, and then ready to ride the newly opened Thailand Aiport Train to downtown sub BTS to the hotel.20130521_134215 (Bent try Newfield past, but also take a taxi to the hotel)

Airport Train:


Airport Train dividends and blue lines, we take the Blue Line.

Red line faster, Blue Line slow.20130519_170416 Because red line is the direct Makkassan station, on the way non-stop. The Blue Line stations will stop, so slow.20130520_223328

We choose to take the blue line because we want to Phaya Thai (red line less) ride to Phrom Phong BTS then walk to the hotel.

Blue line and takes about 45 yuan Baht hkd $ 13, ride for 40 minutes or so.

Aiport Train wagons sound very good, very quiet, just hear someone else's conversation was. Car air conditioning seemed that not money, cold, cold-blooded friends remember to bring jacket on the train.

20130518_125719 20130518_125729 20130518_125741 20130521_134224

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Sex Tourism In Bangkok: A Beginner's Guide (Without The Bullshit)
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Like monkeys?

2007-05-11 11:42:51 by diannejt

I'm not sure exactly when, but some time in November the town of Lopburi throws a banquet for the monkeys that have overrun their town. It would be a riot to see. It's outdoors (on the lawn of Prang Sam Yot, I believe) and free to everyone.
I didn't catch the banquet (I was there in Dec/Jan) but Lopburi is a fun place to spend the day (but no more). It's about an hour out of Bangkok by tra... pretty funny and you can get some great pictures. It's something a little different.
Mind you, everything in Thailand is "a little different". And cheap as dirt. You're going to have an AWESOME time!
Oh yeah, and avoid Koh Samui. It's a tourist trap.
Have fun!

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