Sustainable growth: the responsibility makes a difference

Posted on August 2, 2013 – 10:44

Sandro Calvani | August 1, 2013

"Excuse me: I did not keep the promise of growth in international arrivals". Last year I was surprised to read in the newspaper the Bangkok letter of apology to the public by the director general of the main international airport of the city. You do not often read the official public apology for his failures in serving the objectives of management of public affairs.

The news has interested me in particular because traveling around the world for thirty years I have been convinced that the success of the economy and social innovation make them especially the charisma and the personal responsibility of millions of people who never make the headlines on television, and not the decisions of the powerful that you always pay too much attention.

They were also really curious about the details of this example of growth and responsibility. The growth of tourist arrivals and businessmen in 2012 was "only" 15.38%, and 0.62% below the levels promised by 16%, but still significant growth, compared to the percentage of negative growth we are used to in the West!

Have you ever heard a manager of a company in Italy to apologize because he has achieved a growth of only 15.4%?

Among the other targets the airport there was also a growth in arrivals from neighboring countries by 26% over the previous year, also aim failed, because the growth was "only" 25.06%. The letter alluded to some mitigating factors: the devastating flood of the year before that had caused many cancellations of reservations of tourists and the opening of a second international airport, which had so many arrivals diverted from the only airport that was there before.

You got it: because of a natural disaster and the fact that the city now has two international airports, both variables huge certainly not depended on the ability of the management of the contrite general manager. The letter concluded with the promise that the airport would try to do better in 2013.

Already the idea that we can attribute to the ability of management to the conductor of an airport is a decrease or an increase in arrivals speaks volumes about the sense of collective responsibility of public economic enterprise, given the enormous amount of other variables that affect air traffic to Thailand and its capital.

Of course it is still an important responsibility.

Because from that growth depends on the growth of all the huge induced how much gas you sell, how many meals they prepare for the passengers of the aircraft and the airport in 50 restaurants, 90 shops in the receipts, the number of new hires for all services, the number of trips by bus and taxi, and so on.

Among the services that the airport has immediately tried to improve, there are some who would smile or surprise many in the West. I will mention just one: the goal of having the nicest bathrooms, most modern and cleanest in the world. Target achieved in less than a year thanks to the collaboration of many companies and hundreds of cleaners, whose pride of world champions now you can see it in their eyes.


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Like monkeys?

2007-05-11 11:42:51 by diannejt

I'm not sure exactly when, but some time in November the town of Lopburi throws a banquet for the monkeys that have overrun their town. It would be a riot to see. It's outdoors (on the lawn of Prang Sam Yot, I believe) and free to everyone.
I didn't catch the banquet (I was there in Dec/Jan) but Lopburi is a fun place to spend the day (but no more). It's about an hour out of Bangkok by tra... pretty funny and you can get some great pictures. It's something a little different.
Mind you, everything in Thailand is "a little different". And cheap as dirt. You're going to have an AWESOME time!
Oh yeah, and avoid Koh Samui. It's a tourist trap.
Have fun!

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