Shopping in Bangkok: where and how: Shopping in Bangkok: VAT refund

Posted on February 17, 2014 – 07:53 am

Be reimbursed VAT of our purchases is something that is often overlooked for lack of knowledge. It is not rocket science. It is within the reach of everyone. Just think about when shopping and the airport before your registration to return home.

So be sure to read this article and you will know exactly where, when and how you can do it easily repay the VAT. This will bring more permetra souv enirs. Who can get VAT refund?

T out Thai traveler can not reclaim the VAT if:

  • he is not a member of staff of an airline
  • he left Thailand by air from an international airport
What to do when shopping?
  • Check that the store in question show the logo Vat Refund for Tourists
  • Spend a minimum of e 2.000baths per store per day
  • Present your passport and fill the form PP10 given to store the date of purchase
  • Attach the form PP10 montrants original invoices taxes
  • The amount of your purchase must be at least 5.000baths per person (including VAT)
How to claim your refund

This is done at the international airport before check for homecoming

  • Present to the customs inspector all your purchases with PP10 completed form and invoices. After inspection, you will receive a stamp on your form as well as stickers for luggage
  • Luxury goods carried by hand, such as jewelery, gold articles, watches, glasses and pens worth 10.000baths or more, must be re-inspected at the Office of VAT refund after checking passports.
  • To register (check in)
  • Go through passport control
  • Claim your VAT refund office VAT after passing control

How the reimbursement

  • If the refund does not exceed 30.000baths, the method of repayment can be made ​​either in cash in Thai Baht, bank draft or credit paid on your credit card account
  • If the refund exceeds 30.000bahts, reimbursement will be made ​​by bank draft or credit vers'sur your credit card account

Will be excluded from any repayment of VAT

  • Prohibited items
  • firearms, explosives or any similar article
  • gemstones
  • The goods are not out of Thailand within 60 days of the purchase date

Contacts for more information

VAT Refund for Tourist Office

The revenue Department of Thailand

90 Phaholyothin 7, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel: (662) 272-8196 -8

Fax: (662) 617-3559

Office VAT Refund for Tourists

Suvarnabhumi International Airport (Bangkok)

Tel: (662) 134-0674 -8


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Like monkeys?

2007-05-11 11:42:51 by diannejt

I'm not sure exactly when, but some time in November the town of Lopburi throws a banquet for the monkeys that have overrun their town. It would be a riot to see. It's outdoors (on the lawn of Prang Sam Yot, I believe) and free to everyone.
I didn't catch the banquet (I was there in Dec/Jan) but Lopburi is a fun place to spend the day (but no more). It's about an hour out of Bangkok by tra... pretty funny and you can get some great pictures. It's something a little different.
Mind you, everything in Thailand is "a little different". And cheap as dirt. You're going to have an AWESOME time!
Oh yeah, and avoid Koh Samui. It's a tourist trap.
Have fun!

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