Bangkok Sightseeing - Tour of Chinatown and Night Markets

Posted on January 17, 2014 – 01:19 am

Night Tour BangkokMake a wonderful night tour through Bangkok's Chinatown,one of the most historically rich and culturally vibrant parts of the city.

Avid shopping will be overwhelmed by the options,as this tour takes you to the area of ​​leather and plastic,a wholesaler of flowers and vegetables,and the vast night market Saphan Put.

Browse a wide range of clothing,footwear,accessories and antiques,where you will surely find something to keep as a souvenir of your trip.

Sip your coffee in a café,which for over a century serving customers who need a stimulant,and enjoy a sumptuous dinner of grilled seafood from a street vendor authentic.


  • Flowers Illuminated Pakklang Talad are an attraction to admire
  • The Saphan Put Night-market is full of bargains
  • Chinatown is not part of the traditional tourist map

There is no hotel pick-up for this tour of Chinatown and Night Markets .Please go to the lobby of the Hotel Viengtai Hot,42 Rambutri Rd,Banglamphu.

It is a small group tour with a maximum of 12 passengers per tour.

Take a trip back in time with a visit to the old markets in Yaowarat, in the heart of vibrant Chinatown.The founders of the neighborhood were Chinese traders who came to the village of Bangkok when it was the capital of Siam,making it as old as the city itself community.

The land where the Grand Palace now stands once belonged to merchants,but when King Rama I moved the capital of Ayuthaya Bangkok 200 years ago,the community was invited to move to its current location.The crowded streets of Bangkok

Head to the pier Ratchawong on the Chao Praya River.Walk along the pier until Song Wat Road, which is surrounded by old buildings and business storage,most of which are still operational today.Take a walk in the neighborhood of leather and plastic Yaowa Phanit Road, where you can buy all kinds of souvenir items at low prices.

Your next stop is a boutique 100-year old coffee on Pha Sai Road, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack while enjoying the electric atmosphere of the surroundings.

Back on your feet,continue Issarnuparb Road and visit a market that specializes in Chinese religious products alongside fresh foods from the land and the sea in the evening Yaowaraj Road becomes a sea of street stalls,effectively forming a huge food market.Culinary options range from street stalls to the high-end Chinese restaurants.Pull up a chair with your guide and enjoy some seafood grilled over charcoal in a street stand.

After lunch,continue on foot to the Saphan Put Night Market where you will find a range of clothes,shoes,bags,accessories,hand collections and antiques for sale.You can also sit down with a street artist,and in no time you'll have your portrait to take home as a souvenir.

The final stop of the night is Pakklong Talad ("Talad" meaning market in Thai),the largest wholesaler of flowers and vegetables in Bangkok.Flowers Pakklong Talad have a special beauty in the golden lights at night.


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Best boutique hotel Bangkok

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The Old Bangkok Inn is either the homeliest boutique hotel in Bangkok, or the most luxurious bed and breakfast—we’re still not sure. The location, just off-Rajadamnern Avenue is the last vestige of old Bangkok, preserved during the city’s modernization.
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Trip to Thailand

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YMCA of Greater Seattle
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