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Posted on May 9, 2013 – 00:00
Bangkok Nightlife -- Bangkok's Best Nightlife Spots

Bangkok Tourism

Bangkok is the fabulous city of Thailand that offers many attractions for each every visitor. It is one of the favorite places of tourists and also for every tourists. This site, in fact, has one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Here you can visit a lot of places which include palaces, temples, museums and tourist attractions. If condition planning your trip to Bangkok, make sure you get Bangkok tour packages so that you can a lot of fun and explore the attractions of Bangkok without any problems.

In this diverse city, there are many places where you can visit. Some of the well known places to visit in Bangkok that one should not ignore are Royal Grand Palace, Wat Pho, the National Museum, Wat Arun and Chinatown. Royal Grand Palace is an extraordinary attraction. It is a historic building which has one of the famous temples of Thailand known Wat Phra Khaeo arrive. Wat Pho is also known Appear the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and is the largest temple complex in Bangkok.

The Countrywide Museum is a great place for every learning about the culture and history of Thailand. Wat Arun is a wonderful temple also known as the Temple of Dawn. This temple attracts visitors Appear is tastefully decorated. Chinatown is a busy area that has many small shops and restaurants where you can enjoy Chinese food. It 'an interesting place that attracts every visitor here.

You can have great experience of purchasing in Bangkok. There are many shopping malls here where you can buy variety of things Appear crafts, beautiful silks, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.

for every your near and dear ones. In addition to this, the floating markets is purchasing a big hit among lovers of buying. Here you can get the number of cheap business. In addition, every Bangkok is famous for its wonderful nightlife. With so many bars, pubs, etc., this place offers a unique experience for every traveler.

your packages by Journey warm where you can get amazing discounts. It is one of the travel sites well known booking that offers variety of travel packages. If you are planning your trip to Bangkok from India, then you will get exclusive Bangkok tour packages from India from here.


Bangkok After Hours Bangkok After Hours Tourist Guide to Pattaya's GoGo Bars
eBooks (Bangkok After Hours)

Best boutique hotel Bangkok

2005-10-14 06:54:58 by bam36

The Old Bangkok Inn is either the homeliest boutique hotel in Bangkok, or the most luxurious bed and breakfast—we’re still not sure. The location, just off-Rajadamnern Avenue is the last vestige of old Bangkok, preserved during the city’s modernization.
That's not to say that the Old Bangkok Inn is out of the way, it is adjacent to Golden Mountain as well as the Metal Palace and ju...shioned appearance is wi-fi enabled - called the Old Bangkok Tea-room. The Old Bangkok Inn and Tea-room is definitely the ideal starting line for visitors as well as locals wishing to play tourist by spending the day visiting the likes of the Queen's Gallery or the Grand Palace—and there’s a chance the rates won’t stay this low.
For more information please visit: , or call +662 629-1785-7

Trip to Thailand

2004-11-12 15:05:28 by Thailand

YMCA of Greater Seattle
Beyond Borders: Thailand
March 11- 26, 2005
A cross-cultural volunteerism adventure for adults, 18-30 years of age
Join fifteen young adults and two Seattle YMCA staff on this volunteerism adventure trip to Thailand! The majority of the trip will be spent in Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in northern Thailand. The participants from Seattle will join ...d and body.
Everyone is welcome¡K
The YMCA is a membership organization open to all people.
If you cannot afford the full cost of a YMCA program or membership, please ask for a confidential scholarship application. Financial assistance, to the extent possible, is available to those in need. If you have a disability and need further assistance or information, please contact us.

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