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After seeing statues of Buddhas lying, sitting, praying, playing ping pong we left the temple and was already too late to visit the royal palace, which is next to the temple (leave well organized, we can see here).

Alias, I forgot to mention that to enter the temple Wat Pho (mentioned him here ) pay 100 Baht (2.50 Euros) each and the ticket won a bottle of ice-cold water.

Just outside the temple came a boy and began to ask us if we wanted a taxi or tuc tuc. He said he was a cop and he just wanted to make sure that no one was going to outsmart time to collect the race. He said that a race of 10 minutes tuc tuc should not be more than 200 Baht (5 Euros), remember we pay 300? Well eh ... Not accept the offer because the police wanted to walk through the outskirts of the temple and also because something was badly told, a policeman concerned if taxi drivers are taking advantage of tourists? After our trip to Jordan (seriously, do not read it? Has the sequence here ) we calejadíssimos with possible dirty tricks.

Well we went out walking the streets of Bangkok and went up to the edge of the Chao Phraya River.

Then we found a square, with many people preparing for a kind of party. Had some old people singing joyously and people arranging chairs with flowers and ornaments.

Look at the picture of the king, la the background.

Hence we connect the whole city was preparing for a big party. The birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (day and national holiday) on December 5. Unfortunately we had already departed for the south when the birthday came, I have seen the bash.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

Almost forgot to tell you, but in front of the temple becomes an avenue super busy, the Radial Leste in Sao Paulo loses! As we walked in that chaos going toward the park from above pictures we saw a tourist all crafted in Indian clothing. She sat on the floor, amid much junk (I have said on another post, but the city of Bangkok has garbage strewn everywhere) and meditated.

The Thais who passed looked surprised and gave laugh. We also, of course.

Who am I to judge people's beliefs, but I have the impression that some "gringos" go to countries more "spiritual" and freak out a lot in potato, one day I'll tell the people who lived with me in that community and esoteric-hippie would make a spiritual retreat in India.


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

That square off for a street super touristy, full of hotels and hostels called Khao San. This place had a bar with live music, cocktails taking people off the street, muuuuuitos tourists dressed in Indian clothes, backpackers and stalls with typical food.

What's nice to see it? Look, nothing ... Unless you like to see a bunch of backpackers and stalls selling souvenirs. Ah! And people offering such a tattoo Thai (known as Yantra Tattoo).

Eh this tattoo done, usually by magic (called Wicha) or buddhist monks and uses a rod long bamboo, the sharp tip. I have no tattoo, do not think about getting a tattoo, then this part of Thailand I confess that I was not interested.

We dined in a restaurant that looks very simple, similar to the first night. However, because of the amount of tourists, the price was not so cheap. But the food was again wonderful!


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Funny/Weird/Irrelevant but had to post it.

2007-05-01 15:25:51 by Che_Vive

Israeli kidnaps Thai elephant
Man on the run abducts elephant after causing car crash; threatens to harm it if police arrest him
Itamar Eichner
An Israeli tourist, Yoram Ben-Hamo, was convicted last Saturday for kidnapping a baby elephant in Thailand and holding it hostage.
The incident occurred during a police chase after Ben-Hamo in a village south of Bangkok. he would be arrested; he left his car and ran into the woods where he found the elephant. He decided to hold it hostage to avoid being arrested.
The media in Thailand has criticized the court for the light punishment Ben-Hamo received for the severe crime of endangering an elephant, the national symbol of Thailand: 500 baht (NIS 60, $15)
Ran Ezer, Bangkok contributed to the report

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