Bangkok: The golden airport scam

Posted on February 25, 2014 – 09:09 am
Thai police - Cha-am, Thailand

Bangkok: The golden airport scam

When the King of Thailand decided to baptize the dazzling new Bangkok airport as "Eldorado" could never assume the negative connotations that over time would inevitably tarnish which claimed to be the exemplary aviation hub in Asia.

Explains Francisco Caulés in La Vanguardia that the shameful "squatting" by the masses Suvarnabhumi radical of "yellow shirt" of the self-styled People's Alliance for Democracy forced to close for more than a week. The 300, 000 passengers immobilized and unable to leave Thailand was one hard blow to the standing of a country that aims to be a world tourism power.

The billion lost to the economy have given and continue to give a strong bite to GDP. The prestige of Thailand and anarchy that December's statistics have reduced tourist entries in the first 5 months of this year at just over 30%.

The icing on the cake of ridicule has culminated when the British press first, then the Thai and even the BBC have been reporting scams and fraud frequent victims of unsuspecting travelers once passed through passport control in full shopping area the airport. The duty free shopping area reminds us more of a mall than an airport. The monopoly that the concessionaire King Power holds has allowed much more space to occupy legally contracted with its luxury boutiques. The prices at these stores are always superior to those of the same items that you can buy in Bangkok.

The British Igram Stephen and his wife, Lin Xi, made time while waiting to board the flight QFF1 to Heathrow on Saturday April 25. They went around the shops when suddenly the Tourist Police stopped them. They accused him of having stolen a wallet from Givenchy valued at 120 euros and actually was found in their luggage. They could not understand anything and were taken to a corner of the same airport as they saw that their flight was going to leave without them. Nervous, embarrassed by the Kafkaesque situation came a Ceylonese, Sunil "Toni" Rathnayaka as interpret "volunteer" tourist police would help them. They were taken to a motel, the Valentine Resort, outside the airport. After five long days managed to escape their captors and contact the British Embassy. While burdensome bailout had transferred 8, 000 euros into a bank account provided them gangsters.


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2007-05-01 15:25:51 by Che_Vive

Israeli kidnaps Thai elephant
Man on the run abducts elephant after causing car crash; threatens to harm it if police arrest him
Itamar Eichner
An Israeli tourist, Yoram Ben-Hamo, was convicted last Saturday for kidnapping a baby elephant in Thailand and holding it hostage.
The incident occurred during a police chase after Ben-Hamo in a village south of Bangkok. he would be arrested; he left his car and ran into the woods where he found the elephant. He decided to hold it hostage to avoid being arrested.
The media in Thailand has criticized the court for the light punishment Ben-Hamo received for the severe crime of endangering an elephant, the national symbol of Thailand: 500 baht (NIS 60, $15)
Ran Ezer, Bangkok contributed to the report

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