Eat well and cheaply in Bangkok - for less than 50 cents

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bangkok_pier_21_guenstig_essen_02 . Vanessa ( Thailand Bangkok and just always fascinated with a colorful life, special buildings, courtesy of the Thai people, and of course a wide variety of hotels - from a simple backpacker hostel to luxury hotels of different chains. But one thing is the same in many hotels. Breakfast is usually included, dinner can be booked in the house of course. Or you eat freshly cooked for just 0, 50 € go.bangkok_pier_21_guenstig_essen_01

Hotels often require prices for a dinner that exceed the price for a double room per night and if you are already in Bangkok, there are actually many ways more beautiful than an Italian restaurant in the hotel to visit the heart of Bangkok and where to order a pizza.

For the experimental guests in the Thai capital have existed for many years already the famous food stalls, right on the roadside, where in addition to different varieties of exotic chicken dishes such as grasshoppers and ants are offered. Not for my stomach, so I'm glad that Thailand has developed in the variants.

A brand new trend in Thailand are the modern shopping malls, according to the American model with all the known shops and cinema center, a gym and a typical food courts.bangkok_pier_21_guenstig_essen_03

But he who seeks the American fast-food chains here, is only partially to find happiness. Because in the new shopping temple in Bangkok - Terminal 21 Asoke (Sukhumvit Road between Soi 19 and 21) - Is an entire floor reserved for the big chains and the floor above exclusively for Thai food and Asian specialties. This floor is funny enough, "Pier 21" called - according to the American model.

As a small weekly market designed every cooks his personal specialties here.bangkok_pier_21_guenstig_essen_07 There are often no more than eight dishes on the menu and you can spice up the food itself. So from European to Asian soft focus - everything is possible!

However, if you as a tourist - or as the Thais say "farang" - arrives at the floor, you fall at the latest within 30 seconds. First, rarely a tourist lost in the floor, secondly the searching look at how - at 60 or more small kitchens - is the kitchen, the cooks also the "good" food.

The solution is simple: Do not hesitate too long, so where are the long lines of locals a glimpse of the ailing menu and decide spontaneously in the short wait! Is paid directly to the kitchen station with a credit card, so no hope of a slight delay ...

This is obtained at the information desk in the middle of the floor and can pay any balance on the card. If you want to test it again, even for you, I can give you an example: There were two, ate lunch twice, once served dinner there, as well as beverages (water bottle EUR 0.07) each made a smoothie and needed not even 4 euro (about 160 Thai baht).

There is actually nothing that does not taste, especially if you like Asian cuisine and you can see that everything is freshly cooked and prepared. Of course, one attraction in the food court and down and come to a young Thais remain to and ask if it tastes or where you come from ... In addition to a cheap and good food can be found often contacts and new ideas about what you still in Thailand and Bangkok should see and what is not necessarily in the guide.



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We had booked a hotel in Phi Phi

2006-03-03 11:45:54 by -

Already. It is a really small place with not alot to do unless you hire a boat to take you around. I stayed there 2 nights and spent one day snorkeling. If I had to do it again I would probably snorkel in the morning and catch the afternoon ferry back to Phuket.
In Chiang Mai we hired a driver for three days and had different things we wanted to do each of those days. One day we took a tou...the final day we went hiking at the waterfalls. These things are up to an hour out of the city of Chiang Mai.
We took the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then caught a bus from Chaing Mai to Phitsanoluk, spent the night there and then caught the train back to Bangkok.

Trip to Thailand

2004-11-12 15:05:28 by Thailand

YMCA of Greater Seattle
Beyond Borders: Thailand
March 11- 26, 2005
A cross-cultural volunteerism adventure for adults, 18-30 years of age
Join fifteen young adults and two Seattle YMCA staff on this volunteerism adventure trip to Thailand! The majority of the trip will be spent in Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in northern Thailand. The participants from Seattle will join ...d and body.
Everyone is welcome¡K
The YMCA is a membership organization open to all people.
If you cannot afford the full cost of a YMCA program or membership, please ask for a confidential scholarship application. Financial assistance, to the extent possible, is available to those in need. If you have a disability and need further assistance or information, please contact us.

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