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My view of Bangkok go once, do everything there is to do, see everything there is to see, and put a visa in 'places of interest'. Chapter closed. Try as I do not understand the fascination Westerners have for this city - too polluted, queues for everything, food ... nothing special, very touristy and more predictable enticements for tourists.

Speaking of Thailand, is another story. Looking for 4 days in Bangkok, and the possibilities of exploring the surroundings we were recommended Kanchanaburi - possibility to visit one of the largest natural parks in the country, the famous 'Bridge over the River Kway' and, above all, be exposed to minimum necessary to pollution in the capital. We were told 'if you have time, try to go to a normal train alternatively the agencies tourists' and aproveitávamos to make famous "Death Railway" . Blanched as were the trips scheduled in Ho Chi Minh City, accepted the suggestion gladly.

In Bangkok, the first difficulty was to find someone who geared towards buying train tickets 'were at the hotel in the tourist shops, the "guides" officers throughout the city, ' but why do they want to go on the train? Know which lasts five hours and an agency takes 1.5 hours and can not stop in know-how-waterfalls-[that my ears understood "commercial stops" for the agency to take your commission]? "Yes, we know, but we want even go by train "." But may not have seating, and may go live animals on the train, and, and, "" Yes, we know but can tell us the season here on the map. " "Ui ... so far, far away ... at least hour and a half just to get the season ... for that price rent a taxi to take you directly there ... And only a minority of taxis that go there!" ... Anyway, the only thing was resolved guy doing bad and say loud and clear to one of these guides "Listen I just asked him about the train station it stops in Kanchanaburi, nothing more. WE DO NOT WANT TO GO OR NOT TRAVEL AGENCY TAXI. Period. " She looked half sick there (yeah, yeah ... ah guides Thai hospitality and such do not know what else ... I have my doubts whether they can be applied in Bangkok ... maybe there is direct proportionality with dollars that tourists have in your pocket).

On departure day ... Novelty Novelties, took about 25 min to get to the station during rush hour (Including temp spent in line at the "Avenue" in a sense (but with cars, bikes bikes, vans ...) on clay season) still had time to have breakfast and walk a little


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We had booked a hotel in Phi Phi

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Already. It is a really small place with not alot to do unless you hire a boat to take you around. I stayed there 2 nights and spent one day snorkeling. If I had to do it again I would probably snorkel in the morning and catch the afternoon ferry back to Phuket.
In Chiang Mai we hired a driver for three days and had different things we wanted to do each of those days. One day we took a tou...the final day we went hiking at the waterfalls. These things are up to an hour out of the city of Chiang Mai.
We took the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then caught a bus from Chaing Mai to Phitsanoluk, spent the night there and then caught the train back to Bangkok.

Trip to Thailand

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YMCA of Greater Seattle
Beyond Borders: Thailand
March 11- 26, 2005
A cross-cultural volunteerism adventure for adults, 18-30 years of age
Join fifteen young adults and two Seattle YMCA staff on this volunteerism adventure trip to Thailand! The majority of the trip will be spent in Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in northern Thailand. The participants from Seattle will join ...d and body.
Everyone is welcome¡K
The YMCA is a membership organization open to all people.
If you cannot afford the full cost of a YMCA program or membership, please ask for a confidential scholarship application. Financial assistance, to the extent possible, is available to those in need. If you have a disability and need further assistance or information, please contact us.

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