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bangkok Gallery Bangkok has its own flavor, from the first moment of the day you smell Bangkok, but Bangkok ... How does it smell?, Smells like baked goods, baked or fried, fruit, spices, to spicy, to herbs. This city goes by smell and activates all the senses getting carried away by the fast pace of the city and walking pedestrians, motorcyclists and street cooks.bangkok food

We walked the streets and suddenly feel the nose and throat are imbued with unique spicy sweetness. Each food stall represents the image of a company that develops its life on the streets.Motorcyclists Bangkok

Traffic is a mess, hard to understand and make thousands of motorists, Tuk-Tuks, motorcyclists, pedestrians to survive each day. Live it becomes an attraction in itself ... cross a street or an avenue is a real adventure, our technique was expected to start across some locals and do with him.bangkok tuk tuk Somehow we became boys again.

Bangkok maps are not as they seem, sometimes a street actually is a maze of flower stalls, but when you open the map and see our faces lost come to help, do it in the street, in a bank , on the Skytrain ... but everything changes when you are near a tourist attraction, there is always lurking character, Tuk Tuks drivers, someone who pretends to be good Samaritan but really would like to sell something ... or us into a trap.

Bangkok Walking becomes the best way to experience the city, understand and feel their feelings, but of course the incredible pollution generates constant traffic to bear, much smog in the atmosphere makes it heavier walking, so now we understand why Many Thais use mask.

"Finish the day one with blisters, tired, but with over 1000 images and over 1000 unforgettable spicy aromas, spices bursts. Smoke from cars, motorcycles, buses and transport as never seen before in my life. And I thought that Buenos Aires was chaotic haha. "(July).

Some tips to enjoy Bangkok walk

  • Bring water and always be hydrated.
  • Good shoes (comfortable and lightweight).
  • Bringing change in bills of 50, 20 Baths and coins.

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Bangkok After Hours Bangkok After Hours Tourist Guide to Pattaya's GoGo Bars
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We had booked a hotel in Phi Phi

2006-03-03 11:45:54 by -

Already. It is a really small place with not alot to do unless you hire a boat to take you around. I stayed there 2 nights and spent one day snorkeling. If I had to do it again I would probably snorkel in the morning and catch the afternoon ferry back to Phuket.
In Chiang Mai we hired a driver for three days and had different things we wanted to do each of those days. One day we took a tou...the final day we went hiking at the waterfalls. These things are up to an hour out of the city of Chiang Mai.
We took the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then caught a bus from Chaing Mai to Phitsanoluk, spent the night there and then caught the train back to Bangkok.

Trip to Thailand

2004-11-12 15:05:28 by Thailand

YMCA of Greater Seattle
Beyond Borders: Thailand
March 11- 26, 2005
A cross-cultural volunteerism adventure for adults, 18-30 years of age
Join fifteen young adults and two Seattle YMCA staff on this volunteerism adventure trip to Thailand! The majority of the trip will be spent in Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in northern Thailand. The participants from Seattle will join ...d and body.
Everyone is welcome¡K
The YMCA is a membership organization open to all people.
If you cannot afford the full cost of a YMCA program or membership, please ask for a confidential scholarship application. Financial assistance, to the extent possible, is available to those in need. If you have a disability and need further assistance or information, please contact us.

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