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Southeast Asia travel guide short-term

February 21, 2013 ~ ~ Page 1198 Hong Kong "Next Magazine"

Go to Bangkok, of course, is to eat and drink and then make a shopping spa.
Well boring boring? Bangkok has never been stopped, a new store was finished another room, the point would be boring?

3D2N promotion trip

Day 1
The Circle shopping district
Mandara Spa
Asiatique the Riverfront Night Market

Day 2
Tria Medical Center
Around the Corner Cafe
Serenade Cafe
Chocolate Ville restaurant

Day 3
JoJo Italian Restaurant
Devarana Spa

Day 1
The Circle shopping district

The Circle neighborhood in central Bangkok, European-style pattern of small villages, more than two hundred shops, room room carefully "dress up" puppet Aberdeen, small bouquets, teddy bears, hand-painted murals, pink cute style, so blowing a Bangkok Share maiden wind, a shopping mall in Bangkok wash your impression. Venue to sell clothing shop and cafe mainly driven a live video camera has been feasible foot half-round, extremely relaxed.

Delicate and lovely furnishings shopping district, Bangkok has quietly Gu Wudao one girl blowing wind.

Address: 39 Ratchapruk Road, Bangramad, Talingchan
Phone: +66-2-865-6850
How to get there: BTS Wongwian Yai Station by taxi about 15 minutes

Peony Tea Room

The Circle within a dozen successful restaurants, each with their own characteristics. Like Peony Tea Room, one went in, they feel the atmosphere of elegant French style, with a purple and black as the primary tone, black costume velvet sofa frames, surrounded with different styles of cups for decoration, combined with ultra-high ceiling, it is difficult not here high tea. Fifty models selected tea shop, tea set with Qi scone, sandwiches and cakes, enough for two purposes.

Peony Tea Set five-star hotel was not as advanced, but it tasted good. $ 120

Interior design noble and not vulgar.

Shop serves Japanese tea, Chinese tea and tea West.

Address: The Circle C22 Shop
Phone: +66-2-863-8558
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm
Saturday 11am-10pm
Public Holidays 9am-10pm

Mandara Spa

OK satiation after full course Yao Wen room spa sigh Fan scared and tried a dozen rooms in Bangkok spa, always aromatherapy spa brand Mandara most comfortable, the river branches within the Sheraton earlier renovated suite Jacuzzi on Zhenghe King, first-class experience.

Address: Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, 2 Captain Bush Lane New Road, Siphaya
Phone: +66-2-266-0123
Opening hours: 10am-10pm
How to get there: BTS Saphan Taksin Station

Soft lighting, immediate access to a relaxed state.

Masseur gestures authentic.

Asiatique the Riverfront Night Market

OK Night Market Department indispensable generous travel to Thailand, one of Asia's largest known night market Asiatique the Riverfront is located in Bangkok Charoenkrung Road, opened six months have been extremely popular, is currently the most prominent full-Bangkok night market. Asiatique formerly port, then gradually abandoned by developers after re-planning, alterations to now eat, drink in one of the tourist night market, not only to retain the old piers and warehouses face the other side of the Chao Phraya River, more immediately, in addition to food shopping Ye, the secondary can take a stroll by the river and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Source: tvb4life.pixnet.net

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I am going to Bangkok and

2005-10-21 11:22:27 by have_1_dui_conviction

I have seen there visa form and they didnt ask about any arrest or conviction. But I am scared that when they will swipe my passport and Green card(I am an Indian) will they see my conviction.
People holding Indian passport can get tourist visa of 15 days on arrival. What are the chance that I won't face any kind of problem over there.
Please help

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