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FM_02 To Bangkok last year, I have participated in local tours to Damnoen Shadu Yi floating market, see a very interesting boat dwellers, as well as a very interesting business form ( please click here ). With a good experience, coupled with that floating market cultural atmosphere than the department stores, you can experience the local culture and other factors, so this time to Pattaya, I also put into the floating market tour itinerary.

Pattaya Floating Market suburbs has a square, about twenty minutes from the city center by car, near Bangkok's floating market than the availability of high, is a good selection of tourist spots, so after breakfast, we went to the hotel on the first floor Please help us at the reception who called the car.FM_01 Reception staff said to the water market could double car ride, or you can call a taxi. Both the price almost.

"Taxi called it." I said. Twenty minutes drive air-conditioned taxi ride should be more comfortable. Staff said the price of 300-400 baht taxi one way, I ask them to help talk about the price, and make sure let us take a good amount.FM_03

"Good call you return the car?" Recognized the car, I asked the staff.

"Also called fine, because there is a tourist area, a lot of cars to get there." Staff said.

"Price? Would not be pit? 'I further inquiry.

"Not at all, but in order to prevent, you can tell the driver that you wish to Central World mall, do not say Hilton, this might be better." Staff replied. What a good idea.

After confirmation of these matters, not long time, taxi came, we would ride. Clean car, inside also provides mineral water, Pattaya travel information, I feel very good.FM_41 Driver drove quiet, did not talk with us, or instigation we set his car sightseeing, just let us comfortable in the back seat, looking out the window scenery.

The sky is no trace of clouds, the sun shining white tan asphalt, today is a sunny day, but also represents a thirty degree heat. Choose a taxi is a very correct choice.

Arrival Quartet Floating Market, the driver to take us to the ticket office. "You need to set it back to the hotel? I can wait here for two hours." The driver said.

"How much return? 'I asked.

"Four hundred." He said without hesitation.

We have just received three hundred baht, the same distance back, but now prices? I told Jennifer decided to ignore this driver, etc. stroll to hire cars. Get off ticket price table officers come and tell us $ 900 ticket includes admission to see magic shows, boat and other items and some did not. A good deal of nuance.

"If you do this with that blanket?" Jennifer said, pointing to the price list.

"Those who originally sent, so the price did not change." Staff said. That ...... and no more cost effective ah? Simply adding some inconsequential things to us, so we must receive nine hundred?

We decided, do not want anything, just have to pay admission two hundred baht fine. But later we found that, in fact, there are many entry can enter water market, no regulation, no one check that you have no tickets, that is, no tickets can enter? Driver was not cooperative with the staff, the tourists throw ticketing mouth, forced to sell, so that tourists buy expensive package, we draw together the commission? have this idea, our hearts naturally not very happy, kind of a feeling of being a money pit. But later noticed a billboard wrote ticket free admission conditions, the need is Thai with Thai driving license or work visas for foreigners, or foreigners who have a membership card job. I also saw another foreign tour guide asked ticketing staff, get the same answer.

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Which documents weren't accepted?

2006-02-19 11:41:03 by ---

If you say that the marriage is valid, then the documents must be the birth certificate. In Thailand, and many other countries, documents are routinely forged. If your wife's birth certificate appears forged, then talk to the Embassy about what documents they will accept, and get them.
For a student visa, she needs an I-20 from the school and proof that she can pay the school and all other expenses in the U.S., and a round-trip airline ticket. She also must prove she is returning to Thailand. If she is married to a U.S. citizen, that will be almost impossible.

Media: Time mag:"Where the 'Ladyboys' Are"

2008-07-07 06:16:11 by austingeekgirl

Postcard from Bangkok
Where the 'Ladyboys' Are
Monday, Jul. 07, 2008 By HANNAH BEECH
Contestants in the transvestite beauty pageant, pause to be photographed prior to competition Saturday, May, 7, 2005, in Pattaya, Thailand. Transgenderism is common and widely accepted in mostly Buddhist Thailand, particularly in Bangkok.
Life can be complicated enough for members ...er at my local grocery store is rapidly transitioning toward womanhood. One of the Immigration Department officers who helped me re-new my work visa last year had both an adam's-apple and lavish mascara. Kathoeys star on T.V. soap operas and grace the catwalks, while an all- kathoey pop group called the Venus Flytrap plays the airwaves. Notable kathoey athletes include a kickboxing champion, ...

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