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Posted on June 9, 2013 – 00:00
The Frame: Anti-government protesters rampage across Bangkok

The last episode was incredible piece of news which concerns the sex tourism: An Italian, who was arrested in a tourist center of Thailand for having enticed some minors, has managed to bring Italy in a Thai child, recording the Italian Embassy in Bangkok as his son, conceived with a local woman. In recent days, the man, in his sixties of Lecco, was farmato by the police on the order of remand from the investigators of the Investigative Unit of Milan, as part of an investigation into child pornography online and on the recommendation of another guy who said she had been molested by him when he was a minor. The child, brought to Italy at the age of three years, now has ten. Although at the moment have not been proven violence on him, the little one has grown up with a man, accused of sexual offenses, for which the Italian State is his father.
"If the documentation issued by the embassy proves that the child is his son, the Juvenile Court does not intervene with investigations, unless, as happened in this case, there are legal acts suspicious, or reports, or school services social, "says Marco Scarpati, president of ECPAT Italy, the association that is part of the international network that fight against the sexual exploitation of children ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking).
According to an estimate made by ECPAT Italy, Italians in recent years have come to the forefront as the number of tourists for sexual purposes: a monstrous record.
About 80, 000 of our people who are moving every year in the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Brazil, Eastern Europe and South East Asia to have sex with minors. In Kenya, in particular, we are now by far the most present: the 18% of the foreigners 'buy' local minors, according to UNICEF. It means about 15, 000 girls living in Malindi, Bombasa, Kalifi and Diani. They typically have between 12 and 14 years. But they can also have 9, 7 or 5. "We must not believe that the tourist sex, then that can also be a person who travels for business, is necessarily a pedophile, " says Scarpati. "Often it happens that people in your country have a normal sexual behavior, which is directed toward other adults modify their conduct abroad seeking sex with minors, " the lawyer denounces President of ECPAT Italy.
According to a study conducted by the University of Parma and coordinated by ECPAT, the age of sexual tourist has dropped and no longer corresponds exclusively to the old cliché of classic pedophile: People who are looking for sex with minors abroad have between 20 and 40 years old, may be married or single, male or female (although the majority are boys), rich or budget travelers. They may have a high socio-economic level or come from a disadvantaged background. In most cases, they do it to try a new emotion, occasionally (60%) or normal (35%), pedophiles, those who are attracted only to children under 12 years old, about 5%.
"Often we call relatives and friends of people who go abroad with the purpose of having sexual relations with minors tells Scarpatiè happened even mothers who have contacted us, asking us advice on what to do." ECPAT in these cases offers advice and information, warning that, according to the law 269/98 against the exploitation of prostitution, pornography, sexual tourism involving children, the Italian who commits the crime of sexual abuse abroad, guilty even at home.
ECPAT also offers advice in respect of social services throughout the country and in the case of crimes committed, reports to the police. To counter the horror of sexual exploitation of minors, the reports made in Italy are as important as those that can be done abroad, from Cambodia to Brazil, Kenya: "In the face of suspected cases of foreign adults with local children, in bars or hotels, you should immediately alert an organization that is active in the area and that it is therefore in contact with the local police. "
Especially in this season that anticipates the summer, "it is crucial outreach work, " says Scarpati. And it is for this reason that ECPAT Italy in collaboration with non-profit organization Fiab (Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle) organized the march cycling "Another trip is possible" against sex tourism of children to be held today in 29 Italian cities. It is a campaign developed in anticipation of the World Cup in Brazil, with the aim of raising public awareness, institutions and civil society in view of the great sporting event to be held in the summer of 2014.
In Brazil, there is an enormous number of children exploited in the sex trade, about 500 thousand, but is expected to grow at the event, because "the prostitution racket is organized to add new girls continues Scarpati -. In South Africa in 2012, were transported children from all the surrounding areas, to satisfy the request. " To prevent other abuses are consumed is important to put to work the police all over the world, but also to raise the alarm, even now: "Leaving well in advance means being able to better inform potential tourists departing, ask that the World Cup is zero impact for the children, "said the president. If you want to ride you also here, region after region, the localities that have joined the campaign: Abruzzo (Giulianova, Vasto), Campania (Naples, Benevento, Salerno, Pompeii), Emilia Romagna (Bologna, Rimini, Ravenna), Lazio (Rome, Ostia), Lombardy (Brescia, Cremona), Piedmont (Turin, Caselette), Puglia (Brindisi, Bari, Foggia, Lecce). Sicily (Catania, Caltagirone, Gela, Palermo, Piazza Armerina, Ragusa, Siracusa), Tuscany (Grosseto), Veneto (Padua, Vicenza).


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Warning: Stay away from Thailand

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Australia, Russia and Hong Kong have joined governments around the world in advising their citizens to avoid or reconsider travelling to Bangkok.
"We urge Australians not in Bangkok to reconsider their need to travel to Bangkok," Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith told repo.../> Italian Ambassador to Thailand Ignazio Di Pace told the Bangkok Post the demonstrations were more serious than the political unrest last November when the PAD seized the airports.
"It is sad and unfortunate that in the past three years Thailand has yet to solve political deadlocks in a democratic and constitutional manner that could stabilise the situation," the Italian ambassador said.

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