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How to reach Bangkok airport (cheap and no traffic jams)

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The airport site is not updated, the tourist information is not very sure, and of course travel agents're trying to put their private buses / taxis.

To get to the international airport of Bangkok from Kao San:

Take a taxi: 400 Baths
Take a private bus or minivan (many agencies): 150 Baths / person
Getting there by bus + train: 50 Baths, without traffic jams.

The latter is by far the best as the travel time does not depend on traffic, and it is super-efficient.
Take one of the many buses that go to "airport link" from the "democracy monument" (10 min walk from Kao San Road), eg 556 (14 Bath). 20 minutes later, get the airport link, and take the train to the airport (35 Bath normal service, approx 20 min, 90 Baths express services).
The train leaves you in the airport, you just have to take the elevator or escalator to register.


Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
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Chiang Mai/Samui/Phuket/Pattaya, Moving to & fro

2003-10-12 20:00:13 by cl

Taking my second trip to Thailand for 3 weeks during November. Was in BKK and Phuket last time.
This time, arriving in BKK for a couple of days, then I want to go to Chiang Mai, hike in the mountains and take cooking classes, go to Samui, Phuket again, and Pattaya.
I've realized that there are ways to get to these places directly without necessary going through BKK airport each time....y, but at the same time, I want to leave when I'm ready to leave.
I figure I can just keep the number to Thai Air handy (as I did last time I traveled Thailand), go to any local travel agent there, simply book online while there, or, just go straight to the airport.
Does anyone have experience with this? November is the start of the high season, but not sure how busy it'll really be.

I enjoyed Laos alot

2005-03-04 10:48:03 by wat2dowat2do

I went in 2001. Bought a "package" from a Bangkok travel agent that included visa for crossing Thai Laos border up at Chang Rai, a boat trip down the Mekong for a few days, overnight accomodation at a french owned riverbank hotel, meals and dropped us off at Luang Prabang. The travel agent also included air tickets from Luang Prabang back to BKK. Not really an organised package tour, so to speak... wonderful experience, but I would warn against hiking or travelling in the back country or in a small group. Read warnings about land crossings. Stick with an organised tour in a mainstream area.
If you're in the region anyways, tack on a few days in Siam Reap in Cambodia. You can fly in and out of BKK. It was as memorable as Laos for different reasons. (architechure vs the people)

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