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Cheap Flights Thailand - Bangkok Rome - Milan Bangkok

There are many times that I've flown in Thailand,and there are various airlines that I have used,I will list below those that were more affordable:

  • e la China Airline . To start,direct flights to Thailand should be from Rome and Milan (Rome - Bangkok,Milan - Bangkok) and the airlines that fly 3 times a week is Thai Airways and China Airline.I flew with both,the difference according to my humble opinion is relative to the aircraft,with the Thai sediolini slightly more comfortable and large (I emphasize slightly),but China has the LCD behind each seat allowing the passenger to enjoy a pastime (music,movies,games) personnel on a journey of 10-12 hours may prove handy.With regard to the China price is cheaper than Thai about 100 euro.I remind you that from personal experience I have found that does not count book 5 months before the flight to qualify for a lower rate because the rates are fixed and are only related to the seasons, high,medium,low.o Cai o come cavolo la vogliono chiamare non la prendo neanche in considerazione,ma solo per informazione fino a 3 mesi fa se acquistavi un biglietto Alitalia volavi comunque con China ma pagavi solo di più. Clearly Alitalia and CAI or whatever they want to call not even consider,but for information only up to 3 months ago if acquistavi a ticket anyway you flew with Alitalia China but only you paid more. Airline che fa scalo a Vienna) ma io le sconsiglio… il viaggio già è lungo.. There are other airlines that fly to Thailand but with indirect flights with at least one stop (great price is Austrian Airline that makes a stop in Vienna) but I do not recommend ... your journey is long ..then we put ourselves also hours spent in airports thanks.
  • The second point to consider is where to buy tickets. di solito mi reco in un A genzia di viaggi CTS dove si può acquistare sia Thai che China a ottime tariffe (spese di agenzia sui 20 euro). Assuming that prefer China Airline usually I go to an A Travel Agency CTS where you can buy both Thai and China at a great price (about 20 € agency fees).Center della China Airline (numero a pagamento) che ti danno disponibilità in tempo reale e poi ti inviano il biglietto elettronico per email. My last ticket instead I bought phone (credit card or bank transfer or in cash at their offices in Rome) at the Call Center of the China Airline (toll-free) that give you real-time availability and then you send e-ticket by email.,ho acquistato diverse volte da loro beneficiando di tariffe che neanche l'agenzia della China airline poteva garantire. I must point out an online travel agency Backpackersviaggi ,I have bought several times from them benefiting from rates that even the agency of the China airline could guarantee.


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    Where to stay.

    2004-02-05 19:47:21 by klo

    OK your on a hostel budget...don't worry. Most hostels are fine just not your typical run down hotel a little less and sometimes a little better. There are travel agencies everywhere in Bangkok you will never have trouble finding one. For your visas go to the thai visa office, don't do it through a travel agency because half of the time they are fake then your screwed. Plane tickets can be bought through any travel agency, I prefer to call the airlines direct and get a price, or just by at the airport. I have never had a problem with air tickets in Thailand. The train is worth checking out as well. To Suratthani is an overnighter but it's alright. most trains anywhere take a while but you get to see the country. You can find tons of cheap hotels.

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