Bali's tourist arrival record of 2.2m

Posted on January 9, 2010 – 00:00

Bali’s tourist arrival record of 2.2m

Bali's tourist arrival record of 2.2m

Ocak 09,2010 14:51 |

Bali set a new record of foreign tourist arrivals with 2.2 million in 2009,but local and international tourism industry players doubt the Iceland can equal or break the mark in the future.

Sidhartha Ida Bagus Putra of Santrian Group tours and travel network said Saturday Bali was lucky to receive foreign tourists who shifted Their destination from Thailand due to a protracted political crisis there last year.

"I think it will be difficult for us to equal the record did Thailand now has regained political stability.Early booking room this year is no better than last year.A number of tourists from Russia and Europe have even canceled Their trips here due to global financial crisis Which remains unabated,"Hey what quoted by

Oliver Libutzki,the regional market management director of Agoda,a Bangkok-based international tours and travel agent,warned Bali of the recovery of tourism industry in Thailand and Malaysia.FIFA 2010 World Cup Thailand,he said,has registered 60, 000 early bookings per day.

Oliver said Libutzki traffic congestions and dirty beaches were among the problems Bali had to address in order to attract more foreign tourists.

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Where to stay.

2004-02-05 19:47:21 by klo

OK your on a hostel budget...don't worry. Most hostels are fine just not your typical run down hotel a little less and sometimes a little better. There are travel agencies everywhere in Bangkok you will never have trouble finding one. For your visas go to the thai visa office, don't do it through a travel agency because half of the time they are fake then your screwed. Plane tickets can be bought through any travel agency, I prefer to call the airlines direct and get a price, or just by at the airport. I have never had a problem with air tickets in Thailand. The train is worth checking out as well. To Suratthani is an overnighter but it's alright. most trains anywhere take a while but you get to see the country. You can find tons of cheap hotels.

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