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Posted on June 6, 2014 – 12:10 am - Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand -3 "In Southeast Asia, no matter what you need, you'll always have someone ready to satisfacértelo" slipped two years ago a friend when before my impending first visit to the other side of the world cultural and language differences made ​​me worry even for if he could get toothpaste.Khao San, where anything is possible.<img src= " width="190" height="126">

More naive still felt when first arriving at Khao San, the hub of the backpacker district in Bangkok, I met several street stalls next to the sign "No Photo" exhibit (and offer) identification number and variety of false to whoever wants them.Drugs in liquidation.

Khao San, where anything is possible.A table and a carton filled vertically and given fake documents worldwide.

The same racks where clothing hangs serve to announce a fair settlement rather curious.

From an unknown student who thanks to his "ISIC Card" gets modest reduced entry to museums to the most elusive FBI agent recontra or espionage, needed only two hours, about 300 Baht (U $ S10) and a photo flirty for the best one that you feel is transformed into a new identity.

It is a simple and effective procedure. And just as one does not shake the pulse when buying a Pad Thai for 40 baht (U.S. $ 1, 3) or as much as he has no scruples in asking an extra condensed milk and chocolate sauce for banana roti (simile pancake) must not feel guilty and grieved when you receive a laminated card with the label "INTERPOL" under his name. Is that the Thai law pululea eye area every night from the top of the patrolmen and appears not only to be aware of this kind of backbiting but also exert a blind eye to it.

A table and a carton filled vertically and given fake documents worldwide.

The documents further out.

This is a classic among the curiosities of one of the planet's eccentric streets. Right there where Western abound eating giant flying cockroaches, the same happens with stallholders with their tails between their legs strive to move their carts in the middle to the side of the road every time you pass a poicial mobile. But yes, it would appear only as saying "eye that sell fake IDs, sure, but cutting a road traffic motus that transforms itself every night at sunset, ever."

Meanwhile, national driving records and international business credentials, enabling diplomas, certificates and degrees disability among others, continue and will continue, in Khao San, available to anyone who requires it.

The detail of how would the original quasi diploma.

Many pubescent made this type of document in order to enter the bars and "drunk before midnight".

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The documents further out. The detail of how would the original quasi diploma. Many pubescent made this type of document in order to enter the bars and


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