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Posted on March 29, 2012 – 00:00

Golden Buddha

Welcome To Bangkok

03 2012 Bangkok, Pattaya, Thailand / / 23 - 29 January 2012

Welcome back to the civilized world! Already on giant Suvarnabhumi airport everything is relaxed and civilized.Wat Arun The taxi ride to the Shanti Lodge in Thewes district we enjoy literally - no honking, no dust, at a red light is maintained, we are never an accident near. Shanti we feel probably the same: clean rooms, comfortable outdoor, relaxed atmosphere, working wifi.Bangkok, Buddha We shall destroy the first portion of Pad Thai and SevenEleven-sipping iced coffee. Great! The rest of the day doing nothing, we more or less.Royal Palace, Bangkok But we have yet to do an important task: The Travel Agency next door we entrust our passports for Myanmar visa.

By boat we leave the next day, the two stops to Banglamphu. After a walk around the neighborhood and on the Khao San Road, Temple sightseeing is on the agenda. We climb the impressive and steep Wat Arun and marvel at the 43-meter golden Buddha at Wat Pho. In the evening we chat away at Shanti in cool Chang beer with nice backpackers who are just back back from Myanmar and give us helpful tips for our next destination. The next day, in the truest sense of the word falls into the water. Time and again sinnflut like from above, but there is not really a wet season. The preparations for Myanmar turn out to be stressful. For the copied version of the latest edition of the Lonely Planet (older Guidebooks bring to this country in the flurry of little changes) require the original dealer prices. Furthermore MUST (!) Niegelnagelneuer to be in possession of dollar notes with no cracks, nicks, paint, etc., because only these can be exchanged on the black market in Burmese kyat, the local currency. There is not a single country in the whole ATMs for foreign cards, so the budget must be carefully planned. The exchange offices on the Khao San Road but shake his head as soon as you drop the word Myanmar and we are sent from one to another. Only the mini-branch of the Bangkok Bank calls at headquarters (109 Samsen Rd, Sampraya, Tel: 02281-3536) and comes with good news. We are given an appointment for the next morning.

Silverlake Festival, Thailand Anti-Flag Fan, Thailand Anti-Flag @ Silverlake, Thailand Incubus @ Silverlake, Thailand

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Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
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Places to stay in Cambodia

2005-12-02 05:09:47 by islandmanruss

Cambodia is still a bit of the wild west. I have never had a problem finding a place to stay in Cambodia. Prices range from 5 to 25 dollars per night. I would use a reputable travel agent in the US the first time around. Another option fly into Bangkok go see the Royal Palace and hang out around Khao San Road, which is near by, and your certian to find some travel companions there going into Cam...ry poor probably poorer than you can imagine. To a Cambodian an average digital camera cost more than most of them make in a year. So don't leave things of value laying around because they can vanish in an instant.
Don't put all your money in one place if you can help it, try to keep a stash some place.
Your American Passport should be considered one of your most valuable possesions.

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