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Posted on February 21, 2014 – 08:16 am

After looking very carefully and repeatedly ask the winner of the trip to Bangkok, proceed to report that none of the contestants has hit Cuponazo number.

The number would have been the lucky Bangkok would have guessed that was the 07103.

We wish it had played to give away to one of our Facebook fans, so I could visit Bangkok, the largest city of Thailand. In this city there are thousands of places and curiosities to visit, for example the Great Hall which served as the official residence of the king of Thailand from the eighteenth century to the mid twentieth century.

The particularity of its channels made outside Bangkok also known as the Venice of the East. If you visit this beautiful city you can not miss a trip on these channels. This type of channel is called Klongs and can perform two types of routes, the one-hour and two. In the latter, you can see more aspects and curiosities of the city.

We can go to visit the Grand Reclining Buddha is covered in gold leaf, is 46 meters long and 15 meters high, and is located within the grounds of Wat Pho.

Another peculiarity of Thai are your massage, we can not travel to Bangkok without trying one of their massages at a very affordable price. They can last up to 2 hours.

If you like martial arts, do not miss the spectacle of the city sports, Muay Thai, become a national symbol of the history and identity of the Kingdom of Thailand.

And for lunch we recommend the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, you can taste typical dishes while you observe the panoramic views of Bangkok from its roof. This fabulous 88-storey hotel has 7 restaurants.

We feel bad not being able to give away this fabulous trip, but tranquil @ s, we are up to something big, and shortly we will inform you.

Do any of you @ s has been to Bangkok? What were your feelings? We would like compartierais us.


Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
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Places to stay in Cambodia

2005-12-02 05:09:47 by islandmanruss

Cambodia is still a bit of the wild west. I have never had a problem finding a place to stay in Cambodia. Prices range from 5 to 25 dollars per night. I would use a reputable travel agent in the US the first time around. Another option fly into Bangkok go see the Royal Palace and hang out around Khao San Road, which is near by, and your certian to find some travel companions there going into Cam...ry poor probably poorer than you can imagine. To a Cambodian an average digital camera cost more than most of them make in a year. So don't leave things of value laying around because they can vanish in an instant.
Don't put all your money in one place if you can help it, try to keep a stash some place.
Your American Passport should be considered one of your most valuable possesions.

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