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Posted on February 12, 2013 – 00:00

Bangkok Airport - Khao San Road:

Taxi: 500 baht

Outside the airport you can take a cab for 500 baht to Khao San Rd .

Subway + Bus: 54-200 baht
Take the Skytrain to Phaya Thai BTS .level and look for the bus stop 509.The price is 14 bahts and will drop you next to Khao San Road. You are in Victory Monument . Walk down onto street level and look for the bus stop 509.The price is 14 baht and will drop you next to Khao San Road.If you can not find the bus stop in the police booth ask for help.Khao San . Victory Monument is too busy so if you get too stress you can always get a tuk tuk for 150-200 baht to Khao San .

Khao San Road - Bangkok Airport:

Minivan: 130 baht

You can reserve a place in a mini van for 130 baht.Your hostel or one of the travel agencies around Khao San Rd will do it for you and you will get to pick up from your accomodation incluided.
Subway + Bus: 54 baths

  • First you have to go from Khao San Rd to Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang,it is very easy.Ask for the police station in Khao San Rd Stand in front of the police station and walk on your right side,heading the Palace.
  • Walk along the left sidewalk to a big avenue with a little garden in the middle (never leave the sidewalk).You are in Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang.Keep walking along the avenue to bus stop number 59 (14 baht) to Victory Monument.Do not forget to ask the bus driver where to stop.
  • You are in Victory Monument.Take the overpass till you arrive to Phaya Thai BTS.There you can take the Skytrain to Bangkok Airport for 40 baht.

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Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
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Chiang Mai/Samui/Phuket/Pattaya, Moving to & fro

2003-10-12 20:00:13 by cl

Taking my second trip to Thailand for 3 weeks during November. Was in BKK and Phuket last time.
This time, arriving in BKK for a couple of days, then I want to go to Chiang Mai, hike in the mountains and take cooking classes, go to Samui, Phuket again, and Pattaya.
I've realized that there are ways to get to these places directly without necessary going through BKK airport each time....y, but at the same time, I want to leave when I'm ready to leave.
I figure I can just keep the number to Thai Air handy (as I did last time I traveled Thailand), go to any local travel agent there, simply book online while there, or, just go straight to the airport.
Does anyone have experience with this? November is the start of the high season, but not sure how busy it'll really be.

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