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Posted on March 29, 2014 – 03:04 pm

I'll start with a trip super special for me, Thailand!

This post was all ready in one of the blogs that trip rehearsed and never went ahead. Everything was duly copied it, including photos!

The Thai capital, seemed very chaotic. Noisy, dirty, crowded, but oddly enough, with a certain charm disinterested. The street backpackers, Khaosan, was the first place in Thailand we were shown after the airport. A Samba creole crazy. Among traders, fruit stalls, barbecue, bars, taxis, tuk-tuk meaning to outmaneuver (chapter apart) and gringos, the warmth showered a Thai beer was what saved the night. We stayed in a chain hotel Sawasdee million ha in the country, mainly in the capital. Got lucky on the first, but not recommend the network. We paid a measly 500 baht (10 pounds) for room air and breakfast, but I know it was a matter of luck we find a clean room. My friends paid little more to stay in hotels excellent, and I think it pays, because the chaos of the city deserves a rest in a cozy hotel. If we pay double that amount would actually really after and 'the price of a private room in the hostel Europa.E worth. Words of those who do not like to spend a lot viagem.Ouvi well as to the areas around Sukhumvit Road, where there are more decent hotels, and less confusion as Khaosan, and evening pump. It is what they say, but I do not know. The advantage of staying in Khaosan and 'proximity to the tourist spots and more manjados always easy to find taxi, food, open market, such coisa.E through all that mess organized has its charm, as already said. La in Bangkok, we made a script basicao, and recommend. I personally did not see the need to stay longer for it because the country has a lot of interesting. But this and 'each. There are many backpackers who go months and months traveling the country, mainly doing what the Europeans call a gap year, the year that they "dao" gift to be traveling after graduating and before beginning work and face life of time. We were in all three days in the city, comings and goings. As Bangkok is at the center of the country, ends up serving as a bridge between one place and another. We saw the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, the floating market and the market Chatuchak.O Grand Palace deserves almost a whole day, and the War Pho is up a good 3 hours. Both are beautiful and grand. After the Grand Palace is hard to admire any any temple and palace, and then reclining Buddha Buddha is impossible to find any more impressive. Both are next to Khaosan, and highly recommend to do everything on foot for those living nearby. Look for a map of the city and locate once you arrive. Taxi drivers and tuk-tuk vain, in 99% of the time, try to outsmart you, and so 'great if able to walk underground or on foot, but on this I will devote an entire chapter. The floating market "Damnoen Saduak", works on weekends, ee 'in my opinion a ride 100% unmissable. We saw the opportunity to do everything on their own, but the accounts pagarimos the same value to go with a tour and would spend half the time, and still not run the risk of getting lost. We opted for the tour. Looked for an agency in Khaosan, despite being extremely not recommendable, was my only alternative because we were on our penultimate night in the country, Saturday night, Sunday would be the last chance. I ran the risk, because the agencies usually give it a problem, but it was all right. Also I will talk about it along with the post of taxis, I'll try to talk about scams that tourists generally suffer from it. But one thing important and 'check the number of TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) that the agency provides. Most tours provide transportation van and then by boat up to the market, but to walk on a boat in the payment market and 'separately. And worth it, no doubt. I recommend not to go straight on the boat that the guide will recommend, but go for a ride out the market and see the best location, and take a boat from which to judge more interssante. That confusion, we were recommended by the guide on the boat, and as it was at the entrance of the market, and not in meiuca the "rower" so passed by stalls floating "friends" (as well as taxis and tuk-tuk do), probably because she must earn commission with them. And all were away from the center of the market, where there are actually many tents, and where and 'the interesting part. We complained, and the owner of the boats that place gave us another trip, this time decente.As souvenir stalls floating vary the food, which can be cut from a fruitcake to a lunch complete with all the right cooking apparatus inside the boat. There are those who say that was already in this market during the week, but the people I talked to her, so it works even on Saturdays and Sundays. As to Chatuchak Market, if you go to Chiang Mai in a weekend leave to spend their time on Saturday or Sunday walking street of it. It is cheaper and more interesting. The market and 'great and cheap yes, but after going to the northern markets not seen much graca.Tb only works weekends. And if you are not going to stay in Kahosan recommend it for a spin. And "a mess that deserves a visit.
It is what we did in the capital, but if you have a lot of time, it is worth exploring the city better.


Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
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Beyond the guidebook

2005-10-10 12:24:34 by Thailand

Yes, definitely get a guidebook. BUT, beyond that.....
Thailand is a great destination and very inexpensive. You will have a blast. My sister and I spent a week there in 2005. One week isn't enough to see even a fraction of the country, but it's a good start. We started in Bangkok (as most people do), for two days. We spent it touring the temples, the markets, and taking a long tail boat d...d regulary.
Next trip we plan to go up North to visit the hilltribes.
Don't know what else to share as I don't know what your interests are, or what type of vacation you are looking for. The internet though has a WEALTH of information. If there is anyting specific you want to know, just ask. I'll try to answer it (of course, I don't have all the answers....we were only there a week).

Scattered thoughts

2005-03-04 12:12:15 by wat2dowat2do

Thanks. I'm only a happy snapper...
We went to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, etc. How long have you got? I assume 2 weeks.
Use BKK as the hub. Not only do Cathay and Sing air have return economy tickets at the moment for less than $800, but Bangkok is a hub for most of those countries. Bangkok airways is great, just like the old Reno Air.
Fly to BKK. You will get ... you can only get a taste, then Saigon is a great city to taste). You won't get to see Ho Chi Min in his tomb glowing pink but, hey he's preserved for prosperity, right?
BKK - SIAM REAP - SAIGON - BKK (2nights in BKK) then separate ticket
BKK- Laos - BKK
With Laos, give little time to Vieteniene unless you have the time.
There's some sample itineraries on this website :

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