Bangkok help VIP card - make your trip more money @ Bangkok in Bangkok that year

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To make more friends to Bangkok to play more fun, more money, since last year, to go jump in succession with the Bangkok travel several well-known restaurants and SPA Center to launch the exclusive customers go jump "to help VIP Bangkok discount card "With this card, you are also the one in Bangkok to help!Desktop313

This VIP card as long as you buy the whole machine plus free wine products can be

This VIP card, the main function is to allow our customers to enjoy additional discounts Bangkok, and these deals are usually round or even the Thai people living in Thailand, Taiwan can not enjoy. It is unique in all of Taiwan's discount card is not an exaggeration!Desktop323

等極受歡迎的餐廳,也新增了許多高人氣的餐廳如:「 NARA精緻皇室料理 」, SPA的部分,我們挑選了旅遊書爭相報導的知名按摩& SPA館,如:「Mulberry Spa 」和「 Refresh@24 」。 Meanwhile, with our complementary businesses are carefully selected, not only the well-known restaurant aspects of the " light seafood ", " authentic Northeast cuisine "........ and a very popular restaurant, but also many new high popularity of the restaurant, such as: " NARA exquisite royal cuisine ", SPA section, we chose a well-known travel books competing stories massage & SPA Center, such as:" Mulberry Spa "and" Refresh @ 24. " ” 、“ Urban Retreat” 、' Divana” 、“ Coran”….等在曼谷極具分量的SPA品牌,讓曼谷幫VIP卡的SPA館陣容堅強。 Coupled with the " Oasis ", " Urban Retreat ", 'Divana", "Coran" .... etc. great weight in Bangkok's SPA brand, so Bangkok to help VIP card SPA Museum strong lineup.Desktop316

If you fell in love with Bangkok, if you do not want others to enjoy "special privileges", and that this "Bangkok to help VIP discount card" is definitely what you need! !

卡合作商家&折扣優惠 Bangkok cooperation to help businesses & VIP card discount

SP A Preferential Remark 1. Oasis Spa 10% off

Prior to departure for the selected treatment and payment
Be entitled to a discount

2. Di va na Spa 10% off Selected prior to departure before treatment and payment discounts 3. Coran Boutique Spa 50% off Selected prior to departure before treatment and payment discounts 4. M ulberry Spa 20% off Should go jump through prior booking promotional merchandise and then enjoy 95% discount 5. on Take Care Beauty Sal on 95% off Should go jump through prior booking
Limit Sukhumvit 33 & 19 stores 6. Refresh @ 24 95% off Must jump through to go without advance booking Thai Massage & Reflexology 7. Asia Herb Association

美術拼貼5 Desktop317 Desktop321


Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
eBooks ()

I got $699 Round Trip to Bangkok

2003-10-13 11:01:44 by cl

I have a special travel agent that deals with bulk sales volumes for chartered flights, weddings, etc., so he's able to get discount flights for individuals.
A friend in the office refered him to me, and he got me far better than anything I could find online.
Do not fly Korean Air, etc. They might be the lowest, but you might have an 8-hour layover in Korea.
I will not post my travel agents name here. I may respond to email requests at
(this email address will expire on Oct 30)

Cathay Pacific All Asia Airpass

2005-08-25 15:12:44 by Jzken

The Deal of a Lifetime
Think of it - you could visit magnificent Hong Kong, tropical Bali or Cebu, tradition-rich Bangkok, ultra-modern Singapore, or fascinating Malaysia - these and many other destinations are all yours for one low price. If you register as a Cathay Pacific CyberTraveler, you'll receive a $200 discount for yourself and up to 3 accompanying guests, bringing the price of y...Business Class
Hurry, space is limited. We suggest you purchase online or see your travel agent today to purchase your All Asia Pass!
Click here for pricing details.
Click here for Official Rules.
†Optional extended travel periods of 30, 45, 60 or 90 days available for an additional charge. Minimum stay of 7 days required. Travel must be completed by December 9, 2005.

Book in Bangkok!!!!!

2003-10-04 13:02:19 by jil74

Book in Bangkok.
Organise your visa for Vietnam in Bangkok (a small fee will help "expadite it" same day).
I have used the following travel agent several times. I book the itinerary via email. I then fly to Bangkok and visit the office one my first day there to review the tickets and pay when I get there.
Miss Lek
Royal Exclusive Travel
/> Send an email marked But they also accept credit cards and cards provide more protection.
Words about travel agents overseas: you want to look at the tickets before you pay, you want to make sure the dates and ticket is correct, if you prepay for an hotel room then you get a coupon.
Bangkok Airways is a modern airline with planes much like Reno Air used to have.
Vietnam Airways is not as nice.

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